The 7107 International Music Festival

Monday, January 27, 2014

Been able to get a glimpse of the festival everybody's been talking about. I think this is the first time an international music festival has been hosted in the country and by paper, I couldn't believe they were able to arrange such gorgeous acts especially the one's excited about: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS! If that isn't enough reason to be in that festival, they've got 40+ other acts to convince you that this historic event is worth every cent. With the likes of KASKADE, Empire o the Sun, Grammy Award nominee Kendrick Lamar heading the roster, you are surely going the blow your brains out when all these genres done in one venue... a little far from the city, limitless and free at the new Global Gateway Logistics City, Clark Field Pampanga, Philippines.

I've also seen Ms. Tina Herrera who I always see in Philippine Fashion Week. Together with her team, they have been secretly working on this big project for the past 2 years. Aside from that, they were dealt with the task of bringing one of the biggest bands this generation has ever had. One of the key negotiators who made it happen is this guy here:

He's Mike Pio Roda, (a really good chap) who's also got extensive experience in making things happen in big events like the Olympics, big launches of companies and festivals outside the country. He also informed us that a US based team (of experts in doing music festivals) is also going to be part of this event. They also assured that a full set concert will be done by Red Hot Chili Peppers, yes I heard that loud and clear... together with the jeering press to confirm it!

Mr. Jeff Pradhan Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Peregrine Development Inc. also said that the venue has been secured and it can accommodate the large crowd that they perceive this festival will reach. They have been able to put up 4 lines of security; including the coordination with local traffic groups plus a multitude of people from local government units. They promise a safe event and a place that will be appropriate for an International Music Festival of this proportion! That's really assuring.

For those who will attend the 7107 International Music Festival, especially the ones coming from out of the country... don't worry about knowing where to go and what to do during the festival days because there's a dedicated free app available in the App Store or Google Play so you can travel around the venue with ease. It's got a FRIEND FINDER (in case you and your friends get lost in the venue) even the potties included! No joke! :)

The team is confident, VERY proud to say that this first ever 7107 International Music Festival in the Philippines will put us in the map once again - and make a mark in music festival history. We'll be the one of the world's go to destination on this season; and make not just one, but 7107 islands of the Philippines known for talented artists and its people. All in the name of LOVE, COUNTRY and MUSIC!

FYI: The 7107 International Music Festival will be powered by the network with the most number of subscribers and the widest coverage in the country SMART COMMUNICATIONS! They were represented by Smart Communications Innovation and Product Development Group Head Melissa Limcaoco and Prepaid Marketing Head Joel Lumanlan. They said SMART and SPINNR will surely support successful events like this without question. They will also set up booths around the venue to give EXCLUSIVE perks and more activities to their loyal subscribers. As if that wasn't enough, they are giving away tickets plus more surprises to lucky subscribers through , their official Twitter account @SMARTPromos and Smart Communications on Facebook.

PS Make sure you check out the channels below where to get tickets to the FIRST ever International Music Festival in the country! :D


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7107 International Music Festival
7107 International Music Festival
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