The Padilla Clan Stars In "Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina, at mga Anak"

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Relationships grow fonder when you get to spend time with family. The Padilla clan is a little different because this time it's not just in their homes but in this film that will surely become the talk of the town as they tackle the subject of the "Kuratong Baleleng Group" and portray them on Philippine cinema from a different perspective. See what I mean from "a little different"?

We were greeted by smiles from the Director John Villarin, RJ Padilla, Kylie Padilla (whom I've shot in Bench shows) and Mathew Padilla. Obviously, this is the second generation of Padilla's on this film and I think they did a pretty good job at it. John Villarin says he feels so honored that the family trusted him to make this film. Trust was probably an issue in the beginning and Direk Jon had to work his way into the lives of the Padillas. He spent days immersing himself in 2011 talking to the real life people that they were about to portray but figured the Padillas could attack the acting and scenes on their own. He also did a couple of days talking to the cast during workshops and throwing lines which made it a little bit easier filming.

Daniel Padilla arrived and said it was really fun doing this project because he got to spend time with his cousins which he treats more of a brother/sister in real life. I understood more of what he said in side stories from the people there because they apparently live in one house but sometimes they don't see each other that much because they have their respective things to do. You know how Daniel is busy whilst some of his cousins are working in other networks too. They feel it was tough for them because it is after all an action film. Direk Jon wanted to bring back the feel of what Robin Padilla used to do and get them in the mix. He mentions also that they did their own stunts and it wasn't easy.

They also mentioned that they originally wanted to include Bibi Gandanghari but she changed her mind the last minute because she'd had to revive Rustom Padilla to make that work. They understood her, more so the young ones. They love her just as much.

Direk also had some small stories about the action sequences in the forest (which you have to watch) because there was a time when they were all shooting guns at villains and Daniel was hit with a gun by his cousin Mathew. They laughed at it though. 

I find Kylie Padilla really gorgeous. Her smile brightens up any room and she's really articulate. She's probably the only lady that is doing action films right now in the Philippines. She also says she wants to do this seriously as she wants to really be much like Angelina Jolie. She was flattered when I told her that she is the Philippine version of the Hollywood star. She laments that she's been wanting to be in this genre since she idolizes Angelina Jolie. She's probably got no competition am I right?

Wish I had her as my leading lady when I make films. Seriously LOL!

Daniel says you'll probably see a different person when you see this film because it was made a long time ago. He was probably 16/17 when he made this and a little thin. He's proud of what work they put in on Sa Ngalan Ng Ama, Ina, at mga Anak because they literally had to make it with blood, sweat and tears. If you see that permanent scar on his forearm, it's because of a certain scene where he got it. You should watch out for that.

You know what I really think about these new guys? They've got a really bright future ahead of them. They're hungry and even contemplating of doing another one in the future. Working with the people you love and understanding each other is something that they've achieved in such a short while. It's the only film where you can see Robin Padilla who plays patriarch Ongkoy, Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla as Mom Indah, Kylie Padilla as Anna, Bela Padilla as Damian, Mathew Padilla as Aldong, RJ Padilla as Ardut, Daniel Padilla as Nato, Gideon Padilla as Dagul, Kathryn Bernardo as Sarah, Fa Mulan as Melissa, Kiray as Hannah, Rommel Padilla, Queenie Padilla and Royette Padilla all in one film. If that isn't enough reason to watch this, I don't know what will. This is produced by RCP Productions and Star Cinema.

Go watch it.

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