An Intimate Interview with SLAPSHOCK

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by...

However (even as an avid fan) let me warn you before you proceed that I didn't know a lot of things about Slapshock... when I thought I already have done my research.

I didn't exactly know their stand on certain issues about the music industry so some of their answers really surprised me. I also didn't know how deep and inculcated their love for Pinoy Rock is. I didn't know they had some band in mind that could possibly follow their steps in the near future. I didn't know many things! Take a moment and listen carefully to what they have to say about the fall of NU107 too =)

This is gonna be so candid. I did mask the interview purposely with their music so you'll get to only understand them if you listen carefully. I also found some of it shocking albeit really surprising! Thank you to everyone at Polyeast Records for giving us a chance to cover this event! Thanks to Slapshock too for not holding back! :)

First part is the contract signing with Slapshock + Polyeast Records bosses! Plus some obvious questions... (this is in HD!)

Second part is the interview/nice chat/informal talk/whatever you may wanna call it...

Check this out!

Now you tell me if you learned something new about them too. =)

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Bino said...

astig!!!! may interview pero di ko pa mapanood. maya na lang pag ayos na connection ko hehehe

tipz said...

auz sir.. kaya lang the bg music ruined it.. ahaha.. paulit ulit.. taz sana medyo mahina p ng unti.. anyway sir nice interview :)

John Michael Bueno said...

Hehe thanks tipz! Yeap I think I did that on purpose. :) Thanks for watching the vid! Malay nyo maulet ulet hehe

maicolino18 said...

pinkasikat na rock Band sa Pilipinas toh!!

KUMAGCOW said...

Pinakamalupet pa! =)

Kepkep_masikep said...

tang ina nakakainis eh ! gusto kong unawaain nang mabuti yung interview pero ang lakas ng music ! gara nman !