Sharon Cuneta For Horror Film “KUWARESMA”

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sharonians all over the world are thirsty for content especially from the one and only Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta.

She just got back from a successful 40th Year Anniversary Tour in North America and as soon as the plan landed, she had to run and shoot this film under Reality Entertainment and Globe Studios. It’s called KUWARESMA, the days of the Holy Week from the Lord’s death to his resurrection on Easter Sunday. It’s also an all out horror story from the handy work of Erik Matti, which he co wrote with Katski Flores.

This film required her to stay a whole month in Baguio City where this all happened. Ms. Sharon says “Erik Matti is a master of this cinematic language, horror is his domain and it is one of the most satisfying collabs that I have ever had. He has his own vision, even if it requires very physical and emotional dedication.”

Erik Matti says “When we thought of a movie for Mothers day, we needed someone iconic, it can only be Sharon Cuneta. The script was entertaining but complex, she needed someone who can do it so John Arcilla was the perfect fit. When you see the movie, it will bring a strong ensemble. Sharon is THE horror fan, she can quote scenes, digest everything because she knows what she is doing.”

John Arcilla also stars in this film and Ms. Sharon says “He is very reliable no matter what role he needs to do. He could be the hero one day and the other to become a villain the next. He can do it with a flick of a switch.”

John says “It was an experience to see her, I enjoyed her concert in LA. I remembered the 80’s, I was crying in the audience. I did Ekis and Dos Ekis, this was the third and we did it because Sharon said yes. When it was pitched to me, I was just waiting for her to say yes to it. We were praying, but Direk Erik told her about it in 10 minutes and she immediately said yes. When we were in set, we couldn’t stop sharing stories. The first time we met is the first scene in the movie. All you need and require as an actor, you can get it from her. Even Bagnet. Our director is equally fun, he danced, he sang, if there wasn’t background music, he did it all. I didn’t expect Sharon to be human, she was so nice to be with on and off the camera. When I watched the concert, it wasn’t just about the songs, sharon is the show. It was one of the best experiences I had, it was like a theatre play, in one act.”

Ms. Sharon says “I never stopped learning, Direk and John were like my teachers. When I got back to Korea, I felt sad because I was missing my Director. I couldn’t do scenes with him because I was laughing a lot. They went to my commercial, I was a bit humbled because they went out of their way to do it. The other film outfits didn’t push through, I got my schedules and we were already shooting. It was one of the most physically, mentally and emotionally draining film that I have ever done but it was the happy set, efficient staff and crew that made it better. I told Kuya Dondon that it was a privilege to work with Reality because of that shooting experience. Your whole crew and staff was impressive, I was at home because everything was efficient. It was like everyone was in character and I couldn’t say enough good things for them. If I don’t become an artist, I would want to work with them. I was a horror fan since I was a kid, so every scene we did I had a reference. I had to work with these two (kent and pam), I had to do exercises and make them really mad, they delivered. They were all in, no qualms, no problems and I felt like their proud Mom.”

The movie also features real life siblings Pam and Kent Gonzales. Albeit newbies, they showcased their acting strength and didn’t get intimidated with the megastar. Also Guila Alvarez is making a comeback, she says “I had to take a leap of faith, set leaves, because I was in corporate. Working with them was very nice, I thought it was a small movie but no regrets saying yes to that project over coffee. Thank you Direk.”

Sharon adds “This is my personal gift to my fans, followers and supporters as we continue to celebrate my 40th year in the industry. After watching this film, you will know why it is offered on Mothers Day.”

This film will show in theaters May 15, 2019. Watch it!


Of TPC, ALIF Causes in the Philippines

Monday, April 22, 2019

We sat down with people from TPC corporation, prolly the same individuals behind ALIF Partylist. I have not seen people mobilized and ecstatic about what they do, saying they have 3Million members that can put them in the league because they say, this is not different from what they are currently doing. Their rags to riches story can be implemented for others and see it as selflessness, this is their intention. They are made up of people from the indigenous sector, they are also dreamers and have already sent one representative in the past.

Agakhan Tomawis says “I know we all have our own responsibilities, our own work, but you have given time for our Father and President. In the 4 months that I have been with you, my life has changed, and I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for the sacrifice, for all the things you’ll be doing in the last 21 days.”

ALIF Partylist is one of the hundreds of hopefuls that will vie for congress seats this coming election. Their current nominees include Lorenzo Rellosa and Agakhan Tumawis.


Tele Preneur Corporation is a 7 year multi level marketing firm. It has been in existence since August 24, 2012. All the people you see here are investors and leaders, they have lots of life changes, through guidance of executives, we have made their lives better and we hope to have that for everybody else. (I learned they are engaged in one phone load ALL system which they manage on their own)

They added “ALIF started in 2003, formed by former Congressmann Acmad Tomawis including former Senator Edgardo Angara. We believe in helping indigenous people, we are from Marawi City, we want to represent tribes from the region and elsewhere in the country. We have evolved into a more universal concept, for the Maranao, Tausug, Tasaday, Ilongot and other indigenous tribes.”

“We have been re-visiting the indigenous to be part of the law making process but we have not done enough in the past few years. “

Agakhan Tumawis says “63% of indigenous people are from Mindanao. When ALIF came about concentrated on road infrastructure, education, livelihood and projects. In rural areas, there are people who have to cross bridges with their bare hands through barbed wires. We need empathy, what do they do everyday? How do we form healthy solutions? We have to be there, we have had to visit 4 tribes and formulated projects which ALIF and TPC will help with. There have been a lot of laws already, we are into properly implementing it. To put up street lights in remote areas, mostly all in Mindanao. But not to forget the others, we have school building in Benguet, farm to market roads, medical assistance to indigenous people, giving them ambulance and structures to help live their lives better.”

Lorenzo Rellosa adds “Majority of our projects will be concentrated on livelihood, if you get them work and help them put food on their table. We have been doing it for 7 years and doing it in a wider scale is something that we would want to do.”

Their stand on Martial Law

In Mindanao, it has been able to benefit a lot of people in the region. We understand why you asked about it, it happened twice already and it’s been three years in Mindanao. It is a tool, if it is used for good, then it is good. Acbar Tomawis was on ground when the Marawi siege happened and by culture, Maranaos have held arms and people walk with it on streets. With Martial Law, the unscrupulous are scared to do that. Now there are people manning streets, people walk in streets safely, we feel it is benefiting us.

Displacement of Indigenous People

The talk on Ancestral Domain is a talk on commercialization. The parcel of land they live in, the ones they got from their family, they sometimes do not follow rules that they govern with in ethnic groups. ALIF wants to align this, for the Magna Carta for IP’s, to ensure there would be mechanisms for the sector we serve. We have members that are part of tribes, we want to further organize them to better support them.

Party lists represent a multitude of sectors, but they serve everyone. If you’re choosing one this coming elections, make sure it supports your ideals, it supports your beliefs and have proven track record of doing their job as law makers and enablers of existing laws. I am not in any way endorsing them.

Do your research and see what fits you.

Myke Celis Does TEDx Hong Kong and TEDxYouth Lucena City

It looks like Life Coach Myke Celis is in a roll. He did a few TEDx stints in Malaysia and just recently he did TEDxCUHK in Hong Kong last April 6, 2019 as part of the roster of speakers of the event.

He says “This really was a dream cone true and I had to even wear a Superman costume to prove a point. I discussed “STUCKcess: When Success Plateaus” and how we were all brought up to be invincible like him. But I digress, we all have a purpose and what’s important is how we all grew in the process, to be our own heroes and how we can become our #bestmeever.”

“There were about 500 people in the audience, it was the biggest I’ve ever done a talk in. It was life changing and I am so grateful even my co speakers messaged me and told me how they enjoyed the topic.”

He also did a talk in Lucena City via TEDxYouthLucena, he wanted to inspire more people and had to start them young.

Right now, he is still busy with his #BestMeEver Self Actualizarion Personal Breakthrough Program slated on May 3. If you want to collaborate or get in touch with Myke Celis, you may contact him via


EBC Films Does Guerrero Dos

After the successful staging of Hapi ang Buhay the Musical, EBC Films continues to produce inspirational and values based projects hence this new one called “Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban”. If you remember Director Carl Cuevas did the first installment but people have clamored for a part 2, so they gave in and made this possible.

EBC Films is the film arm of Eagle Broadcasting System. Guerrero won Best Feature Comedy Film at the Amsterdam International Film Festival and Best Editing for a Foreign Language Film at the Madrid International Film Festival. They promise to make inspirational and values based films without making it so boring. Guerrero has also been screened in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and hopefully they would be able to make the same feat with Guerrero Dos or even surpass it.

Weng Dela Fuente the Eagle Broadcasting President says “How do we face life with lots of rumors around you. We did this with humor with our first project Hapi ang Buhay the Musical and this time we are doing a storycon of Guerrero Dos. Being a part of this is an honor and we are looking forward for more movies like these, keep up the good work and continue to make us proud EBC Films!”

Present also at the occasion was Stephen Cruz, Julio Sabenorio, Carlo Cuevas, Art De Guzman, Mia Suarez and Genesis Gomez.

Carlo Cuevas says “This part 2 will be starting with the story and struggles of Miguel Guerrero. It has a serious message but will have a light take on it. It will be shot mostly in the hospital. Mang Ruben will be pivotal, he will be there standing by another patient that will also be told in the story. His patient has depression, but will be cured by his faith. Miguel will be in a coming of age stage, so there will be awkward lines, but still in a positive vibe. It will be entertaining and hopefully touch more on his family story. He will be waiting for his brother to wake up so you will see that unfold.”

There you go!


Php 299 Buffet + Music at JKAS Place Congressional

In my side of town it's actually easy to do events, host parties or just have a good time because of my proximity to Tomas Morato, which probably has everything we need for anything under the sun.

In the North, not much, but I'm so glad to note that it is about to change with a new spot in Congressional Avenue. It's called JKAS Place at 618 B Congressional Avenue Project 8 Quezon City. It is a full blown restaurant, an events venue and a hangout place after office hours, my friend Rodel Flordeliz of introduced me to it. They are open from 11am to 11pm but the buffet pretty much starts in the evening, I couldn't believe they've even offered it for a measely 299 which is super affordable. We tried it out for change.

This place is huge, which pretty much could accommodate 200 people. It is divided into three sections, a restaurant cafe in one side, then a music lounge/events space in the other half of the ground floor. They also have function rooms upstairs for private functions and the place is pretty new, no signs of wear and tear, I would be surprised if they have lots of weddings and receptions held here. Though in this part of the metro, they don't do highway robbery and kept their food priced low which I think stemmed from their experience in the food business. You see, they started as a catering company for a couple of years and they know how to keep people coming back. Serving quality but affordable dishes must have been second nature for them.

The day we went there was special, Fridays at JKAS Place had us enjoy live bands namely G7 band and Plethora. The Wish 107.5 bus often also docks in this place so if you're raring to have a grand time with friends and family, maybe a short visit to Congressional Avenue should be done. Check out how fun it was being there during weekends!

They have tons of food for the buffet spread and a dedicated place for preparing your own "sawsawan". If you prefer ordering ala carte, that would be easy. If you are in groups, I would suggest you call in advanced and reserve a table via their phone number 728 22 98 or 09171005086. They do Asian Fusion dishes so if you are fond of the cuisine, they do those lovely spring rolls that are quite good. They also have a mean beef dish you should ask to recommend if you are there. 

You may also see their Facebook page for schedules and additional promos because it's all there! I had a wonderful time with my blogger friends, I would say, the journey there was surely worth it! The food was good especially for the price!

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Fun Things to do in Siargao

Friday, April 19, 2019

Siargao is like a hidden gem that is located in the southeast of the Philippines. It is at a distance of about 800 kilometers from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Well, famous as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, the island boasts of enchanting lagoons, bizarre rock formations, and mangrove forest reserves. Take one of those cheap flights to Siargao and explore the paradise with exotic white beaches, coral reefs, and fantastic wildlife.

There is a lot more to do in the surfing destination of the Philippines. Well, if you are not the really the surfing type, you could go for caving or island-hopping or simply explore the beauty of Siargao. The surfing capital of the Philippines is filled with natural gems, a cool nightlife and some great food options that everyone can enjoy. Book cheap flights right away for Siargao and embark on an experience of a lifetime.

Here are some of the best thing to do in Siargao.

• Go island hopping – It is a must to explore the three spectacular islands along the shores of Siargao, and these include Guyam Island, Daku Island and Naked Island. There are plenty of day tours to these islands, and one can look forward to a perfect trip under expert guides and enjoy some fantastic food.

• Enjoy the seafood – You will come across a different kind of fish and seafood at almost every other resort and restaurant here. The best part is that the seafood is very fresh and cheap as well. The cooks of most restaurants and resorts will prepare the fish for you or whatever you desire for a small cost. So, make the most of it.

• Rent a bike- The best way to enjoy and explore the natural landscapes and scenery of Siargao is on a bike. Just hop on your motorbike and let yourself loose within the island. Drive across to deserted beaches, amazing waterfalls, and those endless rice fields. You will discover local villages on the way and get the chance to meet the locals and interact with them.

• Swim in the Magkukob Cave- The locals and the tourists simply love Magkukob Cave because of the refreshing waters that are crystal clear. Get ready to experience the thrill of entering an enchanting cave which is surrounded by baby bats. Dive in those refreshing waters and swim to your heart’s content.

• Try out your rope swing skills - Swing at Maasin Secret River, and it is indeed one of the most picturesque places in Siargao. You can take the boat on the river or spend the morning swinging on the coconut tree that hangs over the water.

• Enjoy a relaxing day at Mamon Island – If you are looking for a spot away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded tourist spots, then head straight for the Mamon Island. The secluded island boasts of clear, blue waters and amazing coral formations. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling here or simply enjoy the peace and calm of the destination.

• Drive on the coconut roads – You must drive on the most scenic road on Siargao, and it lies along the coastline lined with white beaches and coconut trees. You can simply spend the day driving on the road, stop to talk to the locals and learn about their lives and culture.

• Visit Sugba Lagoon – One of the most popular places to visit in Siargao is the Sugba Lagoon. It is a playground for those who love kayaking, diving or stand-up paddle-boarding. The lagoon is surrounded by mountains and has a cliff-diving board from where one can jump into the clear waters.

I hope this starts your hunger to look for time to go to one of the nicest places to go to in the Philippines. I'm going there again this summer, see you there!


Gabbi Garcia for HKT Fragrances

Monday, April 15, 2019

You've seen it in her timeline and yes, it's called HKT Fragrances. As Gabbi Garcia made headlines copping several international and local endorsements, she felt it was time to launch her new business (with her partners) and finally come out with a fragrance line catered to this generations needs. They call it Hookt which came from the millennial term shookt and they deemed it perfect name to represent something that the youth can use everyday, because it's affordable, lasts quite a while and something she uses.

Gabbi's personal favorite variety is Yaaass Queen and Extra but you have 10 to choose from so it would match your personality.

Packaging is right, not too huge, not too small and you can carry it around with ease even on flights. If you want to spruce up, freshen up in bathroom breaks, it will only cost you Php 399 on Lazada. Check out the other fragrances on or Lazada or @hooktph in social media channels.

Gabbi adds “I am excited also about my movie project called LSS. The movie will be a musical, Ben and Ben and Khalil will be there. It’s not just them playing music, they will be acting as well. GMA is also developing a concept for me so we’ve got a lot of shows to look out for this year!”

(Thanks to Belo Medical Group, Goodbagph and Maybelline for their giveaways!)

Here's more of Gabbi's interview this afternoon

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Japanese Vixen Naho Oue Desires PH Showbiz Career

Saturday, April 13, 2019

My fondness of Japan stems decades of my curiosity about their country. It may have been a decade of Korean Pop culture but we can never discount artists that come from Japan too. They have a different aesthetic, their beauty regimen is also different, so when I got to meet Naho Oue this morning, I had a lot of questions to ask.

She’s a successful businesswoman in Japan. She’s in the country initially to put up a center for stem cell treatments and regenerative medicine. She’s planning to do that in the next few months, but in hindsight, she saw the opportunity to do what she’s passionate about. She wants to have a path of career much like Ryan Bang who even if she’s not a Filipino national, she wants to entertain, be part of the very colorful world of Philippine show business. She’s doing the legwork now and started to learn Filipino first, which she hopes she could master in a few years. She candidly tells us how she fell in love with the Philippines. (Interview was in Japanese but her interpreter helped out conducting the small chat)

Ms. Naho Oue says “When I first came here, I went to the slums of Tondo and Smokey Mountain area, I instantly fell in love with the kids there. I do feeding programs about twice a month if I’m not busy. I am just a conduit of people who wanted to help (from Japan).

She adds “I do have plans of putting up a restaurant as I already have one in Japan. Maybe in Malate or Trinoma if it happens. Maybe for now while I am waiting for spaces to be available I’ll go put up before Christmas season. Same with the Stem Cell and the regenerative center which I hope will happen soon.

With twinkle in her eyes she exclaimed “I love Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo! I have been long wanting to enter showbusiness in the Philippines. Daniel is so pogi! I love him! If I get to be known here I would be better off getting funds from partners because I really want to help kids in Manila. The celebrity status would really help too. I want to learn Tagalog, currently I am doing 1 hour classes everyday to do it. I learn a lot on the internet too. I really love to enter showbusiness and perhaps replicate Ryan Bang’s fortune. I am 26, in Japan I have also modeled a little and I see the opportunity to do that and more is very nice here. I plan to also put up the stem scell clinic here in Quezon City and perhaps one in Makati. Stem cell injections are just some of the usual things we do in Japan. It will be named Dia Lumina here in the Philippines. Stem cell treatments have been very popular in your country but the one we are offering will be very different. Actually, some of the stem cell procedures being done here is banned in Japan; but the one I am bringing in is better. It will be based on human stem cell. Right now as a beauty regimen, I only use stem cell oil. With stem cell, you have to be 18 and up but if you are younger and have skin problems, it can be a cure. It is expensive but in the US it could be even double the price. I don’t know if that accounts on why even if I eat everything I don’t get fat. I love nilaga, adobo and lechon.”

About the difference between pinays and Japanese women, she shares her observations that “Filipinas are very hard working, Japanese women tend to stay at home when they get married, they rarely use make up too.

About the center, she adds “I will be bringing in Japanese doctors who will do training for the local doctors and staff here. They will need to stay a while and do it so the local ones will be at par or even hopefully even better than them in Japan.

Speaking of skills, I also plan to put up a skills school and perhaps try to also find them jobs in Japan. From carpentry, beauty, things like that. I brought my Mom here too so if I do have commitments she can personally take care of him (her cute son). Hopefully he’ll be studying in an international school here in the Philippines.”

Naho Oue will be guesting in several local shows and entertainment news outlets very soon. Hopefully, she’ll get to charm you with her antics, she's pretty, but in some way despite the language barrier, she was very funny and fun to talk to.


Feels of Spring at Tenya’s Buy 1 Take 1 Classic Tendons and More!

Sakura Season is upon us, well Japan that is. But we have always wanted to see and feel how it is in that country right? It’s very elusive sometimes that a few days of stay in the land of the rising sun isn’t enough to feel the season, oh yeah it’s Spring!

Now in Manila you won’t be shortchanged by our friends at Tenya, they’ve been giving us Tendon love for years and this time, they want to make your spring time even more special, how you might ask? By giving you limited edition dishes and a celebration of TENYA DAY every 10th of every month! Oh my!

For the duration March 28 up to May 31, you can take a break from your office and house chores to taste Supreme Black Tiger Tendon for only Php 365. Imagine Black Tiger Prawn, Pacific White Shrimp, Shrimp Poppers and Ebi Kakiage laid on top of steaming hot Japanese rice, then drizzled with their signature don tare sauce. Mmm...

Is it too hot outside? Come into the comforts of their air conditioned restaurants and have Tenya Milk Tea infused with Assam and Darjeeling leaves, made with fresh everyday for only Php 115, pretty cheap eh?

Now again, don’t skip TENYA DAY happening on every 10th of the month as they also will get Buy 1 Take 1 deals on their CLASSIC TENDON. What? Serious? Of course! High quality food has never been offered this good!

Head on to SM Megamall, Market! Market!, BGC Stopover, Paseo De Magallanes, Mall of Asia, Aseana City, Festival Mall, SM Southmall and Tiendesitas. Information is also on and @tenyaph on all social media channels.

Craving? Me too. Hurry! We should go!


Promising, Young and Eager to Serve: Chuckie Antonio

Friday, April 12, 2019

This season of choosing a leader amongst us has probably never been more important. The ordeal of the of the new year brings hope, like any Filipino conquest, to find people who would go out of their way to serve the populace rather than themselves. I believe in the youth, even amongst their flaws. Though not perfect, we do not lose that gusto to seek the hope that they can do more. I met one fine gentleman a few nights ago, his name is Chuckie Antonio. He’s only 26, running to serve the third district of Quezon City. He’s also got a masters degree from a very reputable business school in Singapore. He’s also running as an independent candidate, he was very hungry to tell his story. I listened in.

Chuckie says “I started when I was 15 years old, as an SK Kagawad first - and decided to run for Barangay Kagawad (which he did for 3 terms). I haven’t been influenced by anyone, my folks are very private people. I enjoy this. When I started I visited the 37 barangays and tried to really know health, education. I tried to do modeling, was part of Star Circle Batch 10. I wasn’t being so serious about acting, I was very young and I wanted to focus more on education. This new generation isn’t really better than the previous ones, I just feel I need to represent the youth. Things are already good, but I want to make lifestyle programs to make it easier to live in the district. To keep the youth active. It also helps that I have done a lot of activities with the seniors. I don’t want them to feel left out. I won’t forget them, they feel I am their grandson. I ran independently but I didn’t want the drama, I have always done it like that when I ran for Kagawad. I dedicated months, 5 weeks left. I go to their houses, I bring my youth to reach the people. I put in a lot of hard work to asses where I could contribute at my capacity in this district. I consider them all like friends after all.”

“I know what they are going through. I try to know the problems by directly talking to the people. I’d prioritize healthcare and medical assistance, free education, all of which could be a possibility for the city.”

“Disheartened? It happens to everyone, I am happy when I get to make a change in people’s lives. To reach more people. When it comes to the youth, I am glad that in our district, they are very participative.”

“It’s not that I won’t run just because they didn’t get me for their parties, but I really wanted to do it. I understand that I just got back a little late to complete my masters in Singapore and parties were already filled. Since I was in that position, my parents told me to check how it feels on the ground.”

“During very trying times, I learned to do a lot of things and I felt that if I didn’t do this, I’ll regret it later. I felt when I visited their homes, I could get their support. My point is, I hope they felt I was sincere with what I wanted to do with the third district.”

“My last relationship was when I was 22, very young so I didn’t settle, I got swayed on being a little impatient, on finding someone better. I don’t have high standards but I am looking for someone who I could spend the rest of my life with and I know it will come soon.”

I am not saying you should vote for him, nor am I endorsing him. You have options - and to spark change you want in your hood, you need people who need to do it with the eagerness to serve the greater majority of your district. I met a very eloquent guy who did his job for the community he served for three terms, if he wants to do more, who are we to stop em?

Thanks for the opportunity to know you Chuckie. I am a little envious that I live in a different district from yours, you know what you are doing and they’d be so lucky if they had you there.


PayMaya Tara! Ultimate Adventure Promo!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The ability of people to shop online without a credit card. It was the thing in 2015, travel is probably the next on your bucketlist. Over the years we started with a small concept and this is not the only event we are going to do this year, there will be more. Thank you all for being here. - Paymaya COO Paolo Azzola

Their executives Kenneth Palacios and Kenneth Villanueva shared “Everyone knows Paymaya is innovative. It is a travel buddy, so when you go out in the islands, you can shop, eat at restaurants, book hotels, flights too. It is a travel product, perfect for seat sales, but we are taking you to the next level. Filipinos love to travel, the PayMaya app can be accepted where Visa and Mastercard are accepted, no need to call before or after your trip, you can track all your spendings, withdraw cash anywhere, get cashbacks, rewards and very safe. You get peace of mind because you can use it internationally, but if it gets lost you have the ability to block your card via the app, all the control begins with you.”

PayMaya Tara! is their third travel blowout promo. Last year there were three winners. This year, one winner can bring 3 additional friends and family. The places you can go to includes Italy (a culinary tour), Iceland and Croatia (land of ice and fire), South Africa (Safari), London and UK (Harry Potter), plus South Korea for the ultimate Kpop experience. A videographer/photographer will also be with you so you don’t have to look for people to shoot your photos or videos. Sounds cool? It is.

Now go download the app on iOS or Google Play, use your app, card and you earn raffle entries. Activating your virtual card means 10 entries, if you link your physical card, you earn 10 too. If you add money to your account, upgrade it, if you pay your bills (full and on time), send money to family and friends, purchase stuff at the PayMaya shop, scan to pay in QR codes of partner merchants, swipe the Physical card (min 300 spend), you get more entries. Winners will be picked randomly via electronic raffle.

Ehhh what are you doing? Why aren’t you using your PayMaya? Go get them entries to win!