Artista Academy: The Grand Faceoff Happens October 27!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I was not mistaken to have supported a very promising program. I didn't know that much of any program of TV5 to begin with other than the one I watched ages ago (Tropang Trumpo Levels). They have become one of the most formidable stations today. Up in arms with both GMA and ABSCBN they knew they had to have their own pool of artists and not just set themselves on fire every time they had to get some from other stations.Thus, Artista Academy was born.

But now, these guys are full blown Artistas set to conquer what they have sought for these past few months. Who could ever forget the auditions where almost 13,000 hopefuls thought they could become one of these guys and gals? They are now in the running to become the Best Actor and Best Actress; with a 20 Million purse aside from their title as the first winners of Artista Academy!

Their names and faces were just immortalized in the first ever issue of Artista Magazine which was inserted in major newspapers last Monday. That was an epic way to start the week. Just look at how much they just loved their covers when they were presented with copies of it that afternoon.

Gracing the front cover of it ain't that bad huh? =)

Direk Mac Alejandre just couldn't contain how happy and proud he is of these people. He laments anyone from this group can actually win it because they are all deserving. They have all sacrificed a lot in reaching this far and with the performances they've done so far it has been one of the most fulfilling thing they have done. The journey back home this past week made them realize how popular they are. The long motorcades, the full jam packed places they performed in, the proud relatives and friends that still put their support behind them, it's all a good reminder of how much sacrifice they have put in on this program... best of all their dreams!

Even Ms. Wilma Galvante has high hopes for these final 6 contestants.She knows how much these guys and gals have worked their way to what they have now. They all have star quality and they just needed the break. This is the chance to prove themselves worthy of the title. They have big plans for these good looking artists which are true blue full blooded TV5 artists.

Mark Neumann who almost didn't make it to the 6 scholars and Shaira Mae Dela Cruz who kept on improving these past few weeks seem to be the dark horse in this competition. They have all been able to maintain the momentum. I am rooting for Mark as you may have read in the couple of articles I did for Artista Academy. He's a good guy and I saw how he's fighting for this. Shaira Mae on the other hand did a phenomenal job the last time in her latin number. That performance alone I think gave her this spot she's enjoying. Will they win this all the way? We're gonna find out on October 27, 2012 at the SMART Araneta Coliseum!

Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert. Vin has been really working this from the start. With all the expectations and small talks comparing him and his more famous brother hasn't been a topic throughout the competition. Though he has received nothing but happy support from his brother, Vin did a good job and it has been evident in some of the exams he's been topping. Sophie's not even far behind. She's got one of the prettiest faces in the competition and it has been no surprise she's doing good in exams too. I don't think she's ever been in the bottom and she's got nothing but the full support of her parents, siblings and friends. I am witness to that too because I frequent the studios and seeing them all clad in lighted Minnie Mouse ears and fancy paraphernalia every week must have been so hard for her supporters. Will this pay off in the end? Will they become the Best Actor and Best Actress for Artista Academy? Find out on October 27, 2012! Make sure you attend the last night of competition at the SMART Araneta Coliseum!

Darling of the crowd and darling of the press Chanel and Akihiro has proven to be a formidable foe in this competition. Everybody fears when they battle it out with these two because as far as star quality is concerned, these two just have it. With his strong Asian looks and those eyes that can melt any lady staring at him, this guy just makes the crowd go wild in every way, shape or form. He's like a small Bong Revilla, or maybe Robin Padilla... he exudes that vibe whilst Chanel on the other hand is just the sweetest! She even recognized me from a crowd which doesn't happen when stars and I collide. She's never condescending and makes it a point to always have that attention when asked questions. She's smart, classy yet down to earth. Performance wise, acting has been their strong points and their faces are just on that level. Will they be the winner? Will they get Best Actor and Best Actress trophies in the biggest contest in the history of Philippine Television? Make sure you watch Artista Academy this October 27, 2012 and rush to SMART Araneta Center for the grand finals night! 

As for me... I'll vote for this guy first!
 Who's your bet? Who are you gonna vote for? =)

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Carol Lee said...

My friends and I prefer Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert.
Vin is a total performer while Sophie is soo good in acting. We just hope SoVin are the winners. !!

ZaiZai said...

crush ko si Akihiro!

btw, what's Tropang Trumpo? Baby pa kasi ako nung mga time na yun e ;-)

pinoy artista said...

This website really rocks.Thank you guys for making this
celebrity website for Filipino artists available for us in the US.