KUMAGCOW Visits Davao City!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Okay so who else has noticed that I haven't been blogging the last few days? Miss me? I guess no one did LOL.. Anyway I went on a short trip to Davao (if you follow me on twitter I was tweeting like hell!) and got to some short stops in between. I don't think I should show you some photos from the airport because the whole building had phone company logos on it (and I'm not for free advertising LOL) so I'll try to show you around on some of the places I visited there. Shall we start?

I heeded the advise of my blogger friends who went there a couple of months ago and stayed at Jazzy James Country Hotel. It's not that expensive. The room was basic, and kinda on the corny side because of the country-western theme via cowboy and cowgirl murals on headboards they placed on the bed. I only stayed here to sleep anyway but it's pretty new plus the location was really close to everything in Davao as a starting point. Around 30mins or less away from the airport and right beside the Victoria Plaza Mall. Complementary water, a decent sized shower and two comfy beds of less than a thousand isn't that bad right?

I had brunch with CJ that afternoon because I haven't eaten anything that morning. It's time for some Japanese! So we settled in Red Kimono Abreeza Mall!

Dragon Maki - Maki with a kick, it had Tuna Tartare, spring onions, the usual fish roe, bread crumbs and avocadoes. But they didn't have avocadoes that time but we still ordered it. It was good!

Gyoza or Pot Stickers -  It kinda smelled funny for me, I think this was frozen and thawed. Not as fresh as I wanted it to be but it was okay. It's got pork and a little shrimp on it so I wanted just a little of it. I lied LOL!

The usual Watermelon Shake, nothing special. It was just enough to prevent me from overheating that afternoon.

Sukiyaki - I appreciate the effort but I think I had better ones from local fastfood joints in Quezon City. Hello Teriyaki Boy LOL! They had fresh ingredients for the Maki though.

Now this come in a bento box!

Chicken Teriyaki, Gohan, Sweet Bean Paste thingy - It was nice, the chicken was freshly cooked. The Gohan was also nice because they have high grade rice. The dessert was just soso.

Then we had the afternoon to venture out and look for some churches which I loved to take photos of. We went to the nearby church.

Redemptorist Church - It was hazy that afternoon, everything was against the light and the church had it's roof repaired so there were people everywhere else in the other side of this building.Pretty nice Church though, looks like it was built in the 70's.

Now I forgot what this church was called but it was Catholic. I'll have to check with CJ again because apparently I lost the notes I took while we were walking around Davao. This was quite near SM Lanang Premier because we just walked a bit to get there. (Oh I just got his message and says this was the Carmelite Church!)

Speaking of SM Lanang Premier, its like the newest SM branch in Davao. It was formerly a golf course which they turned into a mall. It was huge and boxy. There are lots of signature brands but they are still closed. Some are actually open and I've seen Bench and Cotton On there too. This on the photo however is something to talk about. It's the longest fountain in the Philippines to date. They hold shows for it too to the delight of customers and tourists in the area. Pretty neat!

Hmm.. Maybe I'll have this cut off for now... I have more adventures in Davao so stay tuned for my separate posts about the lovely city I discovered! :)

Later! =)



Xander said...

Very nice.. ms mauna ka pa nakapunta sa bagong mall kesa sa akin hahahah ang saya pala.. excited much to go home.. haha

KUMAGCOW said...

Yeap pero don't worry kasi as I said most of the stores hindi pa bukas... baka by the time you go home bukas na sila ^^,

ZaiZai said...

I missed you kaya Kumagcow! Hehe! Anyways, corny nga ng headboard. Sana topless Cowboys na lang e di sana dyan ako mag stay sa upcoming Davao trip. Kagutom ang food pics!!

el toro bumingo said...

Ganda naman nung picture ng church! :)