Alden and Maine Load for Talk N Text!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

If you can't have enough of AlDub, then this is good news for you!

You see, our good friends from Talk N Text just announced the availability of AM15 which is part of their offerings that can get you unlimited all net SMS (oh yes UNLITEXT!), 60 Minutes of tri net calls and 100MB of mobile data which you can use the whole day.

Talk N Text has really been good to their subscribers, they've got the most affordable promos that is perfect for the AlDub fans and the Filipino market. For Facebook, Twitter, Viber or Clash of Clans, they've  managed to squeeze that all in so it's easier for you to trend online when you need to every time they go out and do Eat Bulaga.

You can also now call anyone for 60 minutes in three networks in the country, now how's that for convenience right? Not just that, your phone is your best friend and there's no reason to get bored anymore because it only costs Php 15.00. That's super affordable, and choosing this AM15 offer would only get you the best access to your favorite apps, see social media when you need it all for that price. If you love AlDub, this is perfect for you!

All you need to do is Text AM15 to 4545 if you're on Talk N Text. If you don't have their sim card yet, now is the time to actually do that!


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