The Kosta Bluelounge Apple Watch Charging Coaster

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Had the chance to see this Kosta Bluelounge Apple Watch Charging Coaster the other day and I could see some obsessive compulsive guys would really love to have this - mainly to keep their watches and fit bands. Although I do have a leather box where I keep all my watches, this coaster keeps everything tidy because it's built with a slit on the bottom panel where you can keep the cord or charger cable of you Apple Watch tidy. You won't be complaining of another broken cable, and the silicone rubber material that this is made of wouldn't be constantly sliding off your table unless someone physically flips it off. 

It's moderately priced, but think about the way it could cushion your Apple watch instead of just placing it on top of tables. Your Apple Watch deserves to be taken cared of of course, hear me out.

All you need to do is insert your original Apple Watch cable on the slit of the coaster and pull it up to half way, just enough to get it to be attached on the watch itself. Instructions on the box pretty much is elementary and this would help keep that watch of yours safe from scratches and bumps. Those damages might just devalue your device if you plan to sell it later on and get a newer model, but really, if you paid for the watch, wouldn't it be a smart thing to do to maintain the lovely gadget as spotless when you bought it? Makes sense huh?

Just like the way you put cases on your phone, you need something to get your watch protected. I don't think I need to reiterate that but it's the one thing this could do for your watch. Just put in in your nightstand and leave it to charge accordingly. It's also available in Dark Grey, Light Grey or Lime Green colors. These are manufactured by Bluelounge who's headquarters is in Singapore. They also have design studios in Jakarta, Indonesia and Pasadena, California in the US so you're pretty much looking at world class accessories to keep your Apple Watch. That's a good thing. It's also available in Digits Trading stores nationwide. It's off the shelf of Digital Walker or Beyond the Box today!


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