Coca Cola Philippines Launches "Taste the Feeling" Campaign

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's the drink we all love, continue to love, and will love in the next millennium. This is Coca Cola Philippines and together with other countries, they're launching a new campaign called "Taste the Feeling". Now I wasn't really too keen about the premise of it because it kinda sounded weird for me to actually literally take the campaign right away. They've done it quite nicely with the previous one so I was kinda optimistic too. Lo and behold, they showed us a couple of videos from Mexico, some other South American countries and in the Philippines too. I think the overall gist of what they were trying to imply with this new one is, whatever situation we go through, a breakup, a fight, something happy, something sad, at the end of the day, we survive and celebrate life.

We Filipinos are known to have one trait unbeknownst to other countries, and that is being resilient. Despite of going through large catastrophes, tons of human struggle and natural disasters, we still smile and keep that positive vibe to survive the next day. This is why Coca Cola is celebrating US too in the "Taste the Feeling" campaign, because they see in us something that is actually good just like the rest of the countries they're in right now.

Aside from the new campaign, Coca Cola Philippines also brought to the forefront their Coca Cola Ambassadors. During the event, one of the first endorsers they've ever had in the Philippines took us to the 80's. It was Gary Valenciano, and he made us remember his music during the 80's and mixed it with the modern vibe he's doing now. We were also delightfully surprised about the new Coke Ambassadors they introduced. On stage were James Reid, Bailey Ray and Ylona Garcia, Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador, Enrique Gil and the gorgeous Liza Soberano. Hosting the show was Boys Night Out's very own Sam YG. They didn't just stand there to get acknowledged, they actually had brought out a couple of cases of Coke and gave it away to the Executives, the guests, and us the media. It was something that you can actually feel, a personal touch to make us aware that THIS is how you "Taste the Feeling". We really felt special and I think that was one of the things they wanted to send as a message. 

Here are some videos we took from the event. Enjoy!

For those asking, Nadine Lustre, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards are still part of this. You may check the video wall before the reveal that they are in the campaign. They were not available during the event because of prior commitments/projects. We understand how busy they are right?

Congratulations Coca Cola Philippines! Thanks for having us too!


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