Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga for "Be My Lady"

Friday, January 15, 2016

I've been waiting for this show to actually materialize as I've been hearing about it early last year. Word of it being filmed surfaced around the third quarter of last year which included Erich also being in a small accident (oh yes that got me worried!). My favorite Kapamilya actress didn't have a lead role since Two Wives (which I religiously watched btw) and had just done few support roles for the LizQuen starrer Forevermore.

We we're invited a few days ago to the Grand Presscon of her new one called "Be My Lady" which she stars with real life boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga. It's the first offered show from ABSCBN this 2016 and it couldn't come at a better time since it's almost valentines day. That to me just spelled romance, light drama which this series is all about. They also mentioned love in unexpected places, interracial relationships which they say is going to really be something that OFW's and your relatives living elsewhere would be able to relate to. 

We got them on video, this was during the press conference at the 14th Floor of ABSCBN's ELJ Building:

Singing the theme "Be My Lady" was Jason Dy which the producers say was a fresher, younger take on the song.

Ogie Diaz hosted the event, he was so funny that we couldn't even dare tell his jokes on this website. Because if we did we would be categorized differently if you know what I mean LOL!

Pretty Devon Seron whom I saw in Haunted Mansion is also in the show.  

Model Clint Bondad, yes, you should definitely google him and look at his photos.

 Yves Flores plays the role of Julian Crisostomo, one of the siblings of Pinang. He's beside RK Bagatsing who's playing elder brother Mackie Crisostomo.

Priscilla Meirelles plays Chelsea Oliviera who is Daniel's mother in the show. She's working so much and didn't have that much time with him to give him a good future. That's why she had Janice De Belen in the mix, she's going to be the nanny.

Ms. Janice De Belen didn't feel awkward because she says they're not enemies. Ms. Priscilla even said she was really professional and knows her caliber. They really learned a lot since they had so much scenes in the young life of Phil Oliviera.

Al Tantay plays Erich's dad Emil Crisostomo, who had a tough time raising the kids because Janice De Belen's character Marcy was in Singapore. 

When I saw Daniel was with Erich last year, I was thinking why, but it all made sense now. I only wish for Erich's happiness. She deserves to be happy. Now that they're in this show together, it'll probably take their relationship further, perhaps get married soon. I hope she knows that just like the rest of her fans, we only wish the best for her. Anyway, Daniel's already making a home for his family and he said "Whatever he owns is actually going to be Erich's too". I hope this is forever, and hope this show would do wonders for the both of them, make them strong and all.

Love isn't impossible, no matter what nationality, race or form. If you give it all you've got, keep some of it to yourself, you'll get to that point where you'll have to see if the man you're with is worth the sacrifice of giving your all. The story line, the characters are great, and now that Erich and Daniel is in this show we have to start all over again.... see how it is to fall in love. That's probably what they'll be telling us in this story. It shows every morning before Showtime on ABSCBN.


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