The New Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Mono

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

We've been very busy these past few weeks but when the invite to actually see the Converse Spring/Summer collection had me going. You see, I've got a quarter of my shoe collection with their name on it and to be one of the few people to actually see this is but an honor. Manila's influencers, bloggers and celebrities were actually there too and I was super excited about the new collection. They asked us to take off our shoes and gave us the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II.

Thanks to Earth for taking candids of me while I was taking photos of her LOL. I'm wearing Chuck II Mono in Parchment White!

Now I wouldn't actually wear white on a normal day but once they gave me this pair, I changed my mind. I usually would wear black and because they got me this, I said "Hey! It actually looks good on me!" complete with a happy grin. This is part of the Chuck II Mono collection and is available in Parchment White (which I have) and the other is black. I suggest you get the white one as it gives you more flair, like canvass, you can also probably have this customized if you have artist friends who can doodle or draw. Although, I prefer it as it is.

Style wise, you still see the iconic design you see in every Chuck Taylor shoe, however, it's something inside that actually matters. I'm sure you've heard of Lunarlon right? It's that neon green colored insole cushioning which they have developed with a padded non-slip tongue and super soft micro-suede lining. If you're under the impression that Converse is a little uncomfortable in the sole, you must try it with the Lunarlon and you'll definitely change the way you look at Chucks! A pair costs Php 3,990.00.

Here's some highlights from the event on video. Enjoy!

There are more shoes and models in the pipeline, we've actually seen some of them and if you're excited, they'll come out in the first half of the year! I'm so excited for one of them but I've got to keep that a secret. I'll tell you about it when it comes out of the market!


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