Princess Punzalan Comes Back in "The Story of Us"

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

She's been working so hard, and she's been missed. Her role as Selena made her one of the most remarkable villains in the TV industry. She's back, and will be Clodette in the high rating show of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim "The Story of Us". 

"When I was sent the character sketch, I was excited as it's been 15 years. It's drama, I'm a villain but it's a different take. It was too long, my last movie was with Maricel and Piolo in Mila. 

When we shot the scenes in the US, I didn't really mind as acting is in my first love. Even if I don't have sleep, even if I didn't have pay, it was really different if you are doing your passion. I wanted to make my marriage work, so I did my best to immerse myself in his culture, so I could appreciate him more. I don't have the script yet as the Mom of Bryan. So I'm not sure until when I'm staying here. For the first 6 months, we were wondering what I'm going to do in the US. I finished my studies and am now a registered nurse in the US. It was a long time before I got it, I wanted to be a doctor, there was something in me that if there's something I need to do, I need to be nurturing. I realized, I wasn't young anymore and it might take me years to finish it. The next best thing was to be a nurse so I did it. Since it's going to be a different character, I thought of how to make it different than Selena. I'm very hands on on becoming a mother, you have to be independent in the US, it was challenging but I had to be self reliant. I needed to work at home a lot, everything, I had to wear different hats as it was challenging. My daughter is turning 2, so you know how that is. 

I enjoyed working with Kim, Xian and Bryan. When they are taping, they really had to do it seriously, but it's refreshing to see young people be sserious in their craft. In the US, I always run around the bush telling people about things but I learned to be frank and direct. In 2013, I also went to Yolanda stricken provinces because I wanted to help so I sought the help of CBS ASIA and they flew me there as a registered nurse. I saw corpses, food and water was scarce and I couldn't even take a bath. For me, it was the most meaningful birthday that I've ever had.  You need to find your passion, you need to find that thing that you can do and enjoy it even without pay. Working in the Philippines, I missed the people, when you go to work and they become a part of your life, it's golden!"

You'll see Clodette Lowery in "The Story of Us" together with Bryan Santos, Kim Chiu, and Xian Lim. It will air right after Dolce Amore, TiKoy fans should expect a lot of roadblocks in their relationship and this isn't going to be smooth sailing. You don't have to feel threatened but she said "Not everything that's together when you start will stay forever!" then she did her signature laugh! :) 

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