Aljur Abrenica Back with 2 New Films and PUMA Endorsement

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

He worked so hard to get to where he is right now. He's not stopping anytime soon. 

We met Aljur Abrenica a couple of days ago to get to know a couple of things about what he's doing this year. First off, I watched his movie with Kris Bernal a month ago which was entitled EDSA during a premier in Megamall. I thought it was going to be a little historic but I think they used present day interpretations and metaphors, but I liked the story. I also liked the fact that it is their comeback movie (of which I thought would never happen since Aljur left the station a couple of months ago). They also looked so happy doing the project which was not intended to be commercially released but to educate students as it'll be shown in schools and universities. Aljur is proud of that film and we even got to talk to him before the premier, here's a video of our short interview:

Aljur is also glad that he's back in the grind, with a few more films this year including the one directed by Ato Bautista named EXPRESSWAY. He's going to be together with Alvin Anson in this movie and this isn't the run of the mill indie film because he had to talk, personify a real life gunman. He was a little afraid to actually talk to him but he needed to do it so he can learn the nuances, the treatment he'd want to show in this project. He's a hired gunman who is part of a syndicate and all he wanted to do was impress his boss. It wasn't too hard for him to kill people either as he was already trigger happy in the beginning. Will that pose a problem for his acceptance in the group or not? We don't know. This will also be part of the Sinag Maynila Festival showing on April 21 to 26, 2016. You should check out for details about their schedules and theaters.

Aljur is also still working on another project set to be shown around September, you should watch out for that. His album though is still out in the market and he's got a single he's promoting "Mahal Pa Rin Kita" which is a cover, originally sang by Rockstar (in the 90's). He convinced us quite easily when he sang it during the latter part of our interview so please grab a copy of it on major record bars and stores nationwide. 

He's back, definitely back. Hopefully he's going to do more and perhaps a new series on GMA after doing the successful Dangwa series with Janine Gutierrez and Mark Herras. Oh by the way, Aljur just got the endorsement for international brand PUMA. He's going to be the face of PUMA in the Philippines and you should expect an advertisement anytime soon. Puma's representatives said that he embodies what they wanted in the brand as the "ultimate" personification of it. He's hunky, athletic and he does quality things in his craft. 

Congratulations Aljur! I'm sure you're going places!


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