Limited Edition Smart Bro Prepaid Evoluzn FX PR2 LTE Pocket WiFi

Monday, March 14, 2016

I've seen this particular pocket wifi unit a few weeks ago in a Starbucks Century City Mall while some of their reps were discussing it with my blogger friends from the other table. I felt it was going to be rude of me to barge into their conversation but I saw them holding out the device on their hand, then I said whoa! (still from the other table).

I just discovered today from my contacts that it was a Limited Edition Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Pocket WiFi they call "Evoluzn FX PR2". For starters, it look totally different from the normal units because it has it's own display. Aside from that, it has a 2050 mAH internal battery making it last at least 2 to 3 hours more than your usual pocket wifi units in local stores today.

The device also is capable of file sharing over the wifi network, so if you're planning of making other storage attachments or pc/laptop computers as storage, that would be a cinch. It's also LTE capable which can give you up to 42Mbps connection plus it is good for 10 devices, you can connect everything in one go. It's backed by the biggest network in the country so coverage would be really easy. You can also monitor how much your usage is, so if you plan to budget your MB's, that would be easy. It's currently priced at Php 1,995.00 and comes with FREE Internet for 3 months (at 350MB/month). Now isn't that a Smart choice?

Heck if you've heard Smart is doubling data lately via their #SMARTBIGBYTES 50 offer if you're on prepaid. Just text BIG50 to 9999 and you can get that much for all your surfing needs! Maybe that's applicable yeah?! Take all that in boys and girls!

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