Sweetea's by DA.U.DE Opens New Store at SM The Block

Friday, March 25, 2016

I think I've been here quite often this month since there are new stores popping up at the SM City North's The Block. It's a welcome development and I'm so glad there are many choices. This one's got my fancy and it's called Sweetea's. It's a concept built and realized by da.u.de Tea Corporation.

CEO and tea master Ms. Renee Sebastian quips “We are thrilled about providing Filipinos with more access to world-class teas. We are also working with award-winning European Architect Ms. Iris Cantante Duque Simoes to create visual branding inspired from the Banaue Rice Terraces. It our way of continuing the celebration of our ethnicity. We also want to raise awareness for our local artisans who play a big part in our establishment's growth.

The store was clean, used clean lines to make new age design furniture pieces to function as seating, kitchen and whole local marble as counter-top. It was actually a little bare when we visited, probably would be okay if they got a few more seating options inside and outside the store. It's conducive for chat, for staying long hours which might pose a problem later on as it would have cafe squatters frequent it. They have a lot of signage containing the process of ordering your perfect cup of tea in different forms, whether you like it hot, iced or even in slush form. I wanted something along the floral or fruity alley so when I saw the choices of teas they have inside the store, I was very happy.

They had abour 18 flavors available that day They also say these actually change to what's in season, but ask the barista and they'll recommend more when you wish to have something good that day.

I liked this one in particular because I wanted something fruity and floral. They ran out of this because it was one of their best sellers. I opted for the next one on my list.

The Berry Burst would be really good for the hot one but I was really looking forward to have a slush made, so I ordered it to be that way instead.

The Sweetea is actually their best seller, so if you want the most ordered one in your cup, just ask for it nicely.

If you don't have any idea how to design your teas, they have ready made flavors which you can choose from. Choose the style how it is going to be prepared. If you want it hot, iced, like a slushie, milky, juicy or zesty. Choose add-ons  if you want something else on your drink and just pay for it on the counter. Mind you, these teas are all natural. It's not like those teas in run of the mill tea places which only use one base and have different sugars to make it different. They have researched well I can say before opening the store. With the use of herbs, barks, dried flowers, fruits and spices, they achieved to make these flavors just by using all natural ingredients right on the spot.


If you are in a hurry, they've got bottled cold teas already available on the counter. Just ask for it and you'll see the ingredients on the bottle, au naturelle. Then if you're a little hungry, Sweetea's has some food items that you can also try. I did my best to hold back only to be defeated by the scones and Wafingka.

These are Madelines. It's freshly baked the same day. You can have this to go or while you're there in the venue. Small bites dear, we know you're excited!

This is my personal favorite. I love Scones. Theirs is quite good because they've got this version with Bacon on it. I mean who doesn't love bacon right?

This is what they call the Wafingka. It's a cross between the old country waffle and our very own Bibingka. They put in coconut, butter, salted egg inside and it is so good. Make sure you eat it while it's hot!

If I'm recommending something though, it would be the scones. It's flaky, flavorful and after a piece or two, you really would feel full. If you're a light eater you have have this for dinner.
The seating by the way is ingenious. Since it's concept comes from the rice terraces, you can sit anywhere even if there's a stranger beside you. Heck just strike a conversation so you won't be strangers anymore.

The ceiling is lined with these small packets. It contains rice inside and it was something that I marveled upon while on the top of the seats.

The view up there was fun too, if I'd go back I will try to secure the seats there.
And I'll drink my Berry based Slushie the WHOLE day!

For those who have had an affinity with teas after a visit, Sweetea's also has a section on their store that is dedicated to designer tea pots, cups, saucers, and paraphernalia to take home and sit on. You can make your teas at home and practice making more of it like what it is inside the store. They're all natural and I think that's exactly why their business is flourishing. If I'm having iced tea, it's important for me to get it as natural as these because the last thing I want to do is get sick of diabetes because of the sugar based ones we're forced to buy on groceries these days.

I will be back for more Sweetea's. Thank you for putting up your store in SM North Edsa - The Block. We all need new things like you who offer something good inside a mall. I think it's time people know about you, your affordable, and quality teas.  


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