Wish I May Set Visit with Bianca and Miguel

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We had the chance to visit the set of GMA Afternoon Primetime's successful show "Wish I May" a few days ago in Quezon City. It's starred by the good looking and super sweet Miguel Tanfelix and the gorgeous Bianca Umali. BiGuel as most of their fans call them is one of the most successful teen pairings the network has ever done and they attribute the success to the throngs of supporters they have before and during the show.

There's going to be more exciting scenes that you should watch out for in the show. The one they did before this interview had a lot of teens gushing because even if it was a little on the sad side, they had to hold hands, look at each other after a long time of not meeting each other.. Can you picture that? Miguel had to run to another location that time and right after he got off the shoot, I positioned my self on the sidelines and started interviewing him. I also asked him a little about their BUM photo shoot and what they wanted to wear during summer. He quipped he was glad to have the grunge look back but still a bit colorful because of the season. Here's the short interview we had with him on video:

Bianca arrived a little bit later and it was sweet to actually see them together. These two have been doing this for years and seeing their dynamics just proves that they really care for each other. Miguel said that he's not doing anything this Holy Week as he's a Bible Christian, whilst Bianca said she's visiting a few relatives together with family. Here's their interview on video:

If you remember, Bianca was wearing this gorgeous purple gown during her prom night. They didn't have stylists and only relied on their own to dress up that evening. I liked the part where Miguel said he also had to do a showdown with some of Bianca's classmates but he was a little shy to do things during that event. Bianca was so happy even if they only had a few hours of preparation for that date as they had work that same day.

Wish I May is still showing on GMA's Afternoon Prime. Make sure you catch it 2:30 PM weekdays on the channel. Thank you so much to Bianca and Miguel who were so accommodating. Thank you also to the staff and crew of the show who made us feel welcomed on the set even if it was so hot that day. Thanks for keeping us cool all throughout the interview!

Thank you also to GMA Social Media for letting us tag along on the set. Can't wait to see the scenes on TV when it gets aired. I'm telling you, there will be tons of surprises on how their characters would turn out on the show.


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