Cyma Greek Taverna Outs New Menu on their 10th Anniversary

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chef Robby Goco the Head Chef of popular Cyma Greek Taverna
I've been a fan of CYMA ever since I've set my eyes on them in Eastwood Mall. It made me grow appreciation about a dish that I haven't even felt that I had a connection with as I grew only fond of Spanish, American and Filipino. I've been quite adventurous when I became a foodie a few years ago so when I got to dine here, I was so surprised about the real, no fuss food they served on the table. It was like going to another country, something that I welcomed a lot. So when the opportunity to celebrate with them on their 10th year came, I was like "Mama Mia!" excited!

It was my first time to also meet Chef Robby. He explained to us that this celebration was also going to be an introduction to brand new items on their menu that would update, bring forth authentic Greek food designed to delight the Filipino customers. Yeap, same organic and home grown ingredients adjusted to our palate. Some of the freshest food on the table sounds so right to me. Chef Robby defines this as "Progressive Greek".

This is part of the Krii Vegetarian Sampler Mezedes. I think it kinda signifies spring/harvest but I'd probably just connect it with what's available in Greece. The roasted peppers, the slices of watermelon, mixed with tad salty feta cheese, it's fresh and lovely. You can treat this much like antipasti which is common in the region. This plate comes with Beet Root + mashed garlic potatoes and Rice wrapped in edible leaves.

This is what they called Dakos. It's simple crusty bread topped with roasted tomatoes, feta, salty capers, oregano, onions and extra virgin olive oil. It's like the Italian brushcetta with the difference of the capers so you get salty bits when you bite into it. It wasn't heavy at all. It was fresh and pleasing, I had seconds.

This is the Mezedes Tis Oras. It's scallops, shrimp, squid, clambs, and octopus in one plate. I know it was a mouthful because women on my table didn't hold back. They went and ate almost the entire other side of this plate so I had to angle it from the other side for photos ha-ha!

Saganaki with Figs sounded something that would come from Japan, but no. This is the Fried kefalotiri with peppered fig jam and EVOO toast. It's sweet, has got tons of cheese melted and dined good on the crusty bread with it. Just spread it and you'll get that sweet-salty combo make you beg for more.

The Watercress Salad was done good. It was fresh, I didn't see any wilted pieces, plus I love the chunks of bleu cheese, sweet pears and walnuts as it was covered in a light summer herb vinaigrette.

This was actually surprising. You see those purple pieces mixed in? Those are calamari. This one's called Fried Calamari and Black Rice Salad. It's a mixture of pungent parsley, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, walnuts in pomegranate dressing. It was sweet, salty and tangy, which people at the table loved! I thought it was a little too busy, but it actually worked.

The minute this came out of the kitchen and into our table, they mentioned it's Roasted Alaskan King Crab Legs and I was just like whoa! I am still puzzled how they even source this. I am glad though that it's available. Lemon, Garlic, Pepper and herb butter. You don't need to be complicated, just simple earthy ingredients, not to spoil what already is good meat from the sea.

Whole Saranggani Sea Bass. This simple dish of roasted fish from the region is salted, peppered, charcoal grilled, sprinkled with Greek Oregano, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, ladolemono and grilled lemons. Sweet, simple, something that's served with fish parts and doesn't even bother diners. It's something that greeks and pinoys are probably used to. Pretty healthy.

My personal favorite served the whole day was this. This is Moussaka. They roast Japanese eggplants, layer it with pork, beef, and Greek Bechamel sauce. I love the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me, like comfort food thats a tad more greasy... and you won't mind at all. Spread it on top of bread, bam!

I had to make you take a look at that in all angles. This is what they call Kreatika. It's a full meat platter, a surf and turf kind of thing, that's got lamb, pork chops, beef rib, prawns in caper butter, Greek Chimichurri, salad and freshly made pita bread. Oh how the gods and goddesses of Greece connived in making this protein loving dish for me! This just hits the spot!

CYMA Greek Taverna is bringing you more items on the menu together with the well loved items you've already had in the last 10 years. They have so far brought to the table some really good items which you'll find quite simple, cooked simple, but well thought out in terms of flavor. If you're into Greek food, or just simple heart meals, try to visit their branches in Greenbelt 2, Trinoma Mall, Eastwood Mall, Ayala Center - Cebu, Boracay, Robinsons Place - Manila, or Robinsons Magnolia. I just celebrated my Mom's birthday there a few weeks ago and the new dishes are faring out well. I've seen them in other tables. 

You get to see Greece in dining tables in Manila. You get the freshest ingredients, it also gets cooked right. CYMA just reeks of good food in the next 10 years. You should get your family to experience it soon. Opa!


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