Amaia Scapes General Trias and EAT City

Saturday, January 14, 2017

This is good news for people down south as Amaia Scapes General Trias opens it's doors to the public. They're also doing it in style by whipping up another food park called EAT CITY. It's "The Themed Food Avenue" catering to people in the community every week from Thursdays thru Sundays starting from 6PM to 12MN and will be a regular attraction from hereon. We also saw the model houses for AMAIA Scapes General Trias which is just in front of EAT CITY as they will be starting to put up houses in the coming months. Check out these properties!

This is the Bungalow pod which is around 75 square meters for the lot area. This would be good for starting families and retired folks who want an affordable place in the serene south. 

For the more entrepreneurial people, you should get this Carriage Pod that's got 2 Floors and around 75 square meters lot area. You can dedicate the lower floor for commercial purposes or perhaps your office like what they did for AMAIA Scapes General Trias Sales Department.

This is a quadruplex which they call Multipod. You can have this comstructed as a combined unit and is around 110 Square Meters. For familes of 4 or more, this would be perfect or if you prefer your relatives to live nearby, this would be the apt place for you which even have car ports of their own per unit. They had some of it landscaped though which is a good thing to do if you're getting the other doors.

This one is their Twin Pod model (which is a duplex). It's around 65 Square Meters can be combined too via an access door in the middle. You can get around 2 bedrooms here, which is a good thing for small families. Especially if you want to have your own home.

This is my favorite among the things displayed there. It's called Twin Homes and is a 2 floor duplex. It's around 65 square meters per door and can be combined if you prefer. The stairs are in the middle and can be accessed in the mid part of the home.

For activities, or just about anything you love about food, they've got EAT THE CITY the themed food avenue. Again this is open from Thursday to Sunday from 5PM to 12MN. I had my street food favorites of course including lovely ISAW! Omgwtfbbq!

Please don't judge but I ate most of these wonderful grilled food plus freshly squeezed lemonade and tons of French Fries which my friends enjoyed! If you wanna know more about the food fair check out or visit AMAIA Scapes official Facebook page for real estate concerns. I think now is the time to invest in properties since Cavite is going to boom in the coming years. Imagine how much you'll earn if you take advantage of it now or perhaps live there too. You know what I mean!

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