Why is VIVO the perfect Selfie phone?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Surely there are tons of people probably asking why VIVO claims that they have the perfect selfie phone. Some may or may or may not agree but perhaps it'll be enough reason why we'd give them that title if the evidences speak for themselves!

A world class athlete trusts the brand. He's not just your ordinary NBA player, he's Stephen Curry. He's probably more popular to kids than Jordan and I said that without batting an eyelash. If a man of his stature already trusted a brand like VIVO, I don't think he'd be someone that would endorse something that he's not using. The video endorsements says it all and he's happy!

The BOKEH effect on evenry shot on this phone caused by dual cameras in the front makes this a selfie phone. The second 8MP in the front makes it creamy, really deep depth of field so all the attention goes to the subject (YOU) so think of how wonderful your selfies would turn out. It'll be the talk of the town!

Face Beauty 6.0 makes sure you look good in every angle. Highlighting your assets, hiding common flaws, you'll love how you're gonna look like in every shot and even get your skin tone and condition fixed when you see the need to. This is a smart phone after all!

No more dark and "against the light" shots because of the VIVO V5 Plus' ability to do soft lighting would take care of those shadows who plan to ruin your selfie shots in different lighting conditions. See how different it looks like when compared to the other brand. That makes it perfect everytime.

VIVO V5 Plus takes your selfie shots to another level and with it's features you can never go wrong. Pre order has started and if you want to get one NOW is the right time! It's time you experience the Perfect Selfie phone!

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