A Spiced Valentines Day at Sofitel Manila

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nobody can match SPIRAL when it comes to food, that has been established. How about romance? Well Valentines Day seems apt to show off several dishes that would spark love, perhaps get you a little naughty too... but still totally ROMANTIC. The secret is, 21 spices. They'll make you believe that love can be achieved by food all over again. By all means, feed your boys, feed your men! 

It's super cute, super perfect for the occasion, it's chocolate made into a Teddy Bear. Probably made of chocolate compound but they actually are infusing the spices into these cute creations. The bag, the shoes, yes they are all edible. I'm sure your lady would love you if you gave her this bear, then a bear hug after.

These are no ordinary chocolate pieces, these are infused with cardamom, chili and others. Totally different, and will make you hotter than hot.

My favorite of all the things I saw that day are these Brown Chocolate Bears. Those lips look good though.

Now imagine how spicy your evening will be with these lovely spices in your desserts, that's just the start.

Aphrodisiacs will be there, especially some really good shrimps, tuna, and tons of other mollusks and even nuts. The goal is to make you frisky even if you haven't started yet.

My favorite cheese dressed up in a heart shape form plus some fruit preserves in the middle. I like this a lot.

Now there's something mysterious here, shrimps in a broth made of ginseng, mushrooms, and spices, I think the only thing left to do is perhaps chant a spell. This seems like a love potion waiting to happen.

Ahh this feels Japanese all of a sudden. This is Unagi roasted perfectly over low fired coal. It's smoky and savory, something good to pair with roasted tomatoes, peppers and onions.

Another one on the menu, this is an aphrodisiac too. This is sea cucumber with ginseng, mushrooms and spices. Pretty nice to have to start the meal. Really exotic.

You can use a lot of spices in these dishes. They don't hold back and I think that is innovative to do especially on special occasions.

This si rice/sushi with fish eggs, caviar and a salmon rose. Pretty romantic no?
You can now reserve at Spiral and Sofitel Manila through their microsite http://www.spiralmanila.com or their main website www.sofitel.com/Manila. You can also call them at +63 2 8326988 or email them at H6308-FB12@sofitel.com for reservations. You can also inquire on the same channels if you feel like it. 

I think this is the opportune time to get your family something good, something great, you deserve the time with them in a great restaurant. Take your lovely lady to dinner, propose to her at the helipad overlooking manila, or perhaps just lounge around and make her feel special while looking at the Manila Bay sunset. You know you can never trade that for anything in the world!


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