Enrique Gil Endorses GRIPS Hair Wax and Hair Clay!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

If looks could kill, his would be a massacre. In a grand event in B Hotel in Quezon City, GRIPS Hair Wax and GRIPS Clay just announced their newest endorser Enrique Gil. He's one of the most sought after actors in the industry and people just can't get enough of him after the hit series with Liza Soberano, FOREVERMORE. Now if you watch that show or any show for that matter that's got Enrique in it, you know he takes good care of himself and celebrities like him never go out of town without fixing their hair. Now there's a more practical way to do it because of GRIPS Hair Wax. Remember when you used to just get out of the shower and just wear your hair as is? Well we shouldn't be caught with ugly unmanageable hair and it only takes a few minutes to apply this on, be formal or fun if you need to. 

They also put this #EasyWashPromise formulation on it so you don't have to worry leaving residue which men like me actually hate. It also has Pro Vitamin B5 so it nourishes your hair making it strong, so you won't be promoting hair fall. GRIPS is available now on major supermarkets, groceries, drugstores and convenience stores in the Philippines for only Php 81.75. Now that Enrique Gil is endorsing it, isn't that more reason to try it? 

Enrique quips, "Liza is my biggest critic as she tells me if my hair style or the smell of it is off, she complements me now especially with how it smells. Until now we are together in projects and they accepted me and Liza as a loveteam and as long as they need it, we'll give it to them. Liza is not materialistic and I know her priorities are far from material things, it's her family and she deserves something like that (talking about the gift to Liza). Whenever you go out, always be presentable with Grips!"

For more information about their products, check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/gripsbrand. 

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