An Evening at AFTERS in Tomas Morato

Friday, January 06, 2017

This evening we're at AFTERS. It's an espresso and dessert place at Tomas Morato in Quezon City. I've been here a couple of times because of it's proximity in my place and this is a lot cooler than the usual run of the mill coffee shops you go to. I like how it's not too crowded, very cozy, even have smoking areas outside. The place could fit around 60, a bit more if there's more chairs.

We had a small chat with owner Vincent Lim Fideles to get his vision for the place. He's got some plans lined up especially for his Gelato line. It's properly called afters and he plans to make this available for the local and international market. Listen in!

Got some of their best sellers, one that I like is this Pesto pasta. It's on the herby side, I like the soft bitterness, not too salty and if you perhaps like it that way, just ask for extra parmesan and they'd gladly let you have it. Pesto is my comfort food and this is unique.

This one is their Carbonara. Pretty good, light and creamy. The best part is, the bacon, how can we not love bacon? Kids would love this for sure.

This is their ALL MEAT PLATTER. If you adore breakfast-all-day menus and want something rich in protein, you can defintely declare this as your first meal of the day. With Bacon, Ham Steak and Hungarian sausage, this is a good day bound to become even better. Honey Mustard and Ketchup on the side so you can have it sweet and tangy. Best eaten when hot!

They have paninis, and this one is good. It's SPICY HUNGARIAN and I like how you still get that bite on the actual sausage. They toast this on a press and has a light dressing inside. If you're out for a light meal, this would be a great alternative to your usual rice meals. Had me asking for that sausage more.

For dessert, the place is known for their Gelato. With the expertise Vince has had in the US and his passion for desserts, he's in the works to launch his line of afters Gelato that he's going to make available in major supermarkets, groceries in the country. We had a taste of the Belgian Chocolate, Pistachio and my favorite SALTED CARAMEL. Make sure you don't leave the place without it!

AFTERS is located at Tomas Morato corner Scout Castor in Quezon City. They're open from 11AM to 1AM.

I'll be back for sure! 

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