Converse x Miss Universe

Sunday, January 29, 2017

We went to the Converse headquarters in the Philippines to learn about good news. A few days ago, some of the candidates for the Miss Universe competition held in Manila took time off their busy schedules to do a little crafting, using a few tools to make their own dream converse shoes. These shoes were all base canvass and to make it worth their time, the people from Converse Philippines would actually be holding an online silent auction to benefit their chosen charities "Positive Action Foundation". Selling these shoes must have been heartbreaking for the them because after all, it's a one of a kind thing and Miss Universe doesn't happen every year in this part of the world. 

Here's the collection on video, enjoy!

This will benefit HIV/AIDS patients under the foundation's care and hopefully, they'll be better. Check out Converse Philippines' Facebook page on the next dates of exhibits. 

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