Julia Barretto and Ronnie Alonte for A Love To Last

Saturday, January 07, 2017

"I am so happy to have been able to find Ronnie and Joshua, being paired with them was really worthwhile. I didn't want to give up and I think that word is not in my vocabulary. Ronnie is easy to work with. He doesn't complain and he brings out the 19 year old in me. In the series, I would probably often ask why, to my Mom and Dad, and why we had to suffer with their breakup. Words can't cure the situation. Just the presence, I think that would do a lot in their case and I would advise the kids to do that to their parents. I feel Ronnie is like the Julia thay is misunderstood in the past. He's very humble and he's different than what I experienced in real life. I was really glad that Joshua had nice things to say about me too, I felt it and it was genuine. I love flowers but I'd rather start with a good conversation. The show is real, authentic, relateable, and I hope people would watch it. I wish our trio would work in other projects, and another one that we could all star in. I feel like if we had to choose about somebody to pretend with or with someone real, we know how we would choose how it ends." says Julia Barretto.

"I think maintaining love is about is by being honest. I enjoy being with Julia during taping, she's easy to be with and I just needed an ice breaker to break the tension. I joked a lot with her and I think that worked. I thought she was not going to be pleasant to be with but she's actually very jologs and we're the same. I relate to my character because I work and strive hard for my family. The last time I felt kilig was when I performed with Erich Gonzales during my concert. Our pairing in this program is not like my concert which was a little sexy and romantic but more of a lighter, not best of friends at first, then maybe if there is a pairing, it won't be intended. People say a lot of positive or negative things, I'm just new at this and I know I could improve. I'm happy I did my job, I'll accept if I would be offered to work on an entry again. I would think I can just sleep if this becomes successful. I also hope we get a series of our own and perhaps with Joshua too." -Ronnie Alonte

A Love To Last will be premiered this Monday on ABSCBN after "Ang Probinsyano".

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