Perfect Chinese New Year Selfies with VIVO V5 Plus

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Isn't it so nice to see people celebrating outside and enjoying one of the most culturally diverse celebrations? It's the year of the Red Fire Rooster and for Filipino Chinese or most of us, it's a time to actually spend time with family and friends. The usual dinner table becomes so filled with fruits, lucky charms and just about every single family member that's dear to you. Now in these celebrations, it's a must to take selfies so you could at least take these precious moments with you and upload it on your social media channels for all your other relatives and friends to see. With the recent launch of the VIVO V5 Plus, the brand promises you the PERFECT SELFIE. Their phones have been designed and developed to take advantage of the world’s first 20 megapixel dual front camera, one that can take your selfie game into the next level!

Shoot at your best angle. Show that jawline or turn a bit and elongate that neck. It's a sure fire way of looking thinner, get your best features pronounced and even make you look younger in a shot. Make sure you practice at home, that's what the mirrors inside your bedroom and bathrooms are for.

Choose the right background. You would never want a place that's busy and full of people. You'll get spotted, but people would be distracted at your photo's background. So make sure you take shots like a pro with those creamy bokeh's that the VIVO V5 Plus is known for.

Find the light. It takes out most of the lines on your face, or perhaps make your photo look a less noisy. Take your friends along on a drive, or just stay indoors and feast on your new year's buffet.
Whether it's this Chinese New Year or just about any occasion, make sure you take photos nicely because you always would want something good when you look back a few years from now. You wouldn't want to be the source of laughter the next time you come back to your country. Right people?

So make sure you get the Perfect Selfie phone Vivo V5 Plus and take it everywhere you're going. Don't be shy to get that angle, even if you plan to just shoot for your social media channels, make sure you phone would be at par with the world's biggest brands because we all need that perfect selfie anytime of the day with the good piece of hardware starting with your phone. Change could be done in one, two theree!. This Chinese New Year, take the perfect selfie the easy way with the Vivo V5 Plus. The perfect selfie phone has also is here, take it for a spin!

Happy Chinese New Year!


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