70% OFF Promate Products on Lazada's 9th Birthday Sale

Saturday, March 20, 2021

I'm still using my PROMATE power bank which I got years ago and some cables from the same company that can charge my battery whether for apple products, mini usb or type C. In a nutshell, they've had pretty good products that last years if you take good care of them. These days, they've got tons of other things in the market especially after they have started to diversify their line of products. They've got the usual mobile phone and photography accessories, consumer electronics and a whole lot more. 



 What's even better is that they're taking much of the price off, up to 70% OFF which is mighty good if you're looking for a good deal. This is their way of celebrating years of success and Lazada's 9th Birthday this coming March 27, 2021. You can check on their official store here http://bit.ly/PROMATELAZADABDAYSALE2021 if you need things as gifts of for personal use. The Capital-30, a high-capacity 78W power bank that can accommodate Type C connections. It costs Php 4,460 from its previous price Php 4,995.  It comes with a free Promate TrekPack-BP worth Php 2,995 so you kinda get more for the price. There is also the Harmoni Bluetooth TWS earbuds which promises 16 hours of playback in a full charge, it will be sold for Php 1,545 only for a limited time so make sure you have this added on your cart before they run out. For those who are seriously into recording things, get the Promic-1 is a High-Definition Omni-Directional Microphone which costs Php 820. If you fancy a backpack, get the Trekpack-BP which you can get for Php 2,73. It comes with free Promate Pastel Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo which costs Php 995 on a regular occasion.

 There are tons of these deals happening just on that day so if you're looking for good deals and items which you can use personally for your home office, this could be a good day to have it and checked out. They also have some vouchers on the app, so you kinda get more savings when the time is right. (Get it from 12am to 2am). Check out Promate on FB and their other social channels to know more about these deals.


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