Philippine Supreme Court Systematize Videoconferencing Hearings

Sunday, March 21, 2021

The Supreme Court of the Philippines finally made headway with institutionalizing Videoconferencing Hearings in the country. As of recent, over 170,000 virtual hearings have been conducted nationwide and assured continuation of justice proceedings even under the pandemic. This has resulted in the successful processing 81,000 persons all done through Microsoft technology.

The courts utilize Microsoft 365 which is comprised of a plethora of web application, intelligent cloud service, and security-transparent tools for proceedings. The body approved the court guidelines on the conduct of Videoconferencing, which now allows remote appearances in court, even for those outside the country. Now it is possible for individuals to provide remote testimony even if you are in different parts of the country. Microsoft 365 made these all cost efficient, training necessary for their people were also provided.

While all courts are authorized to conduct these, videoconferencing has been done in over 2,715 courts. In it, almost 170,000 video conferencing hearings in both civil and criminal cases have already been conducted by judges. This comprise 80% success rate in the process.

Future looks bright huh?


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