Good Things About the Beko PowerClean

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

In the past months, it was all plants, food, previous trips that did frequent my timeline since we're all still under lock down. We've all remained worried, but optimistic, troubled but hopeful despite of everything that has happened in the country. 

Today, it's a whole lot different. I've been noticing a lot of people flexing one thing in particular (although not as related), it was all vacuum cleaners. For starters, I don't find this weird because we've all been stuck at home (or work) and to keep it clean, things like these should be something normal. There are pretty good ones out there like the Beko PowerClean. Design wise, this one is up there. How it handles your cleaning chores, its performance, battery life and durability, is above standard. After all, it's Europe's No. 1 Appliance Brand. They've been doing these for years because they want to make your daily lives easier, I mean who doesn't want that right?

 This Beko PowerClean is also cordless, very powerful, it comes with a folding tube so you can fit it in tough spots like under tables, beds, and hard to reach areas. You can use it with the tube or take it out and use it handheld for places like your car, sofas, beds and tight spaces too. It comes with accessories like a soft brush, elbow and crevice tool if you need to switch for different areas in your home. If you're a bit tired from cleaning the whole house, it's got a SelfStand so you can just leave it upright. That's convenient and not hard on the back, which I might say is happening for people using this at this age LOL!

 It uses PerformCyclone technology of which it utilizes 165w suction power so it can do deep cleaning. It's essential for vacuum cleaners to do that so it can rid of dust and other particles, but not all of them do. If you would like to know more about it, take a stride over at their Facebook page at because it's all there!



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