The Valencianos Talk About Parenting, Preparedness and Journey with AIA Philam Life

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Philam Life just held an online event about family values featuring some of our favorite people in the world, the Valencianos. Gary, Paolo, and Sam has always been in the public eye and it's nice to see them talk about their family and how times have changed.

Gary actually had a hard time being a parent, he opened up about how much he would have wanted more for his family. Paolo and Sam on the other hand had the same fears, despite being successful, they still had to be prepared amidst this pandemic. He says "It's not difficult to remember, I was very young, but on October 12, 36 years ago, at that time I was only 19 and I must say, I was in the middle of an entertainment scandal because I was unwed. I loved Angeli, and when she gave birth, I wanted to show Paolo and tell them, I have him. That's what I felt back then. I had a concert too, I told them why I was late, it was because my son was born. In a family of 7, I still didn't know what a parent was. My Mom was always the disciplinarian, she taught me how to be generous and always pray. My Dad was a quiet man, he told me and put his hand on my, he told me he was going to be by my side no matter what. It was why I had my core, it was something which made me think, I was going to be for my children. I want my family to look at them about my situation that I had to make sure I was insured as it (cancer and heart issues) comes out of nowhere, it has to be taken cared of."


Paolo and Sam says "We are still adjusting, still figuring out things in the industry. We are in the forefront to find new ways to put together shows, as parents, we are finding ways to be there for our kids. It's an interesting time for everyone. We were talking about online classes earlier, and you really can't really just leave kids to teachers out there. They had to keep the kids engaged, it's hard. I always tell my folks, I was the best mistake they have ever made. In our case, everything was planned, but when we got married, I had not broken in to the industry yet. I was finding ways to support my family. Some people told us you can't be prepared, just take that leap of faith, with no idea how to raise a kid, everything just came so naturally. When you're in that situation, everything you just see on viral videos before, it happens to you. We kind of figured out how to do it, she's such a blessing, I felt how my Dad felt, forget everything that comes out after you see that other human being. The way we were doing things at home, everything changed. Not sleeping was just my biggest fear, they didn't tell me you're not gonna want to sleep because you want to make sure she's okay. The most we fear is her dying young, I don't think any parent would want that to happen. You always want them to be safe and healthy. Last year was every parents worst one on us thinking how this pandemic would treat us, especially for a live events director. The crisis we went through, lockdowns and social distancing, it was a tough pill to swallow. It doesn't really help on your mental state especially when an industry collapses, among many nights, but now we are bouncing back. It's better."

Leo Tan the Chief Marketing Officer from Philam Life says "The Philippines has a 2.7 Trillion protection gap. It's how much Filipinos need versus what they have in case soemthing happened like serious illnesses, hospitalization, and this is reality. Philam Life, has paid 2.5 Billion of benefits every year but we have to educate Filipinos to be prepared financially."

Tennyson Paras, Head of Products for Philam Life says "The company made us rethink our strategy. It's not about laboratories or boardroom, use our personal experience to bring products that would benefit our clients. We need to demystify the value of life insurance, we keep it simple and relevant."

Aside from that, they also advocated Philam Life's AIA Med Assist, AIA All-in- One, AIA Critical Protect 100 and AIA Health Cover. AIA Critical Protect 100 was done to create protection for 100 critical illnesses no matter what age. AIA All-In-One is a more affordable life insurance plan so you get protected in times of death, accident, disability, critical illness and other risks. AIA Med-Assist can help if you need to pay unexpected medical expenses and the AIA Med-Assist can be added to current HMO and life insurance coverage so you don't get shocked if you encounter life's uncertainties. Their fourth one, AIA Health Cover is a peso-denominated insurance plan that includes health and critical illness protection. Their products are available, the Valencianos didn't even have to go to the Philam Life offices to get it. Their protection trinity can get you coverage for SAD aka Sickness, Accidents and untimely Death. They propose new products, solutions to tailor fit on your life stage and ability to pay. You need to adapt to change, and securing your family's future is important just like your essentials.


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