Investing During the Pandemic

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Times are hard and it's been a year since we were all locked down in our homes due to the rising case of COVID-19. The rising cases this year is scary and I hope you've managed to still save a buck or two, or maybe thinking really hard where to invest your extra money during these times. Let me suggest a few!

Invest in Healthcare. If you haven't had one, make sure you do as the rising cost of hospitalization doesn't just cripple you, but the economic standing of your family. There are plans, ones that are affordable and if you do invest in one, make sure you get recommendations from family and friends that have benefited from it. There are tons out there, but choosing one that has proven easy to deal with especially on emergency cases would be better in the long run, so choose wisely.

Start a Home Business. Tons of entrepreneurs have already started cooking, making things, doing services from their own homes. If you're a good cook, maybe start by sharing what you cook first to friends and family, because chances are, when you sell them later on, they will be your first customers. Aside from that, it's easy to have deliveries done these days, so no need to go out that much even if you start your business in your own turf. 

Invest in a laptop or PC. If you're running a business, you would need things like these to start taking orders and getting organized. Aside from that, you can play games, stream them, or perhaps make marketing materials that you would need for your business. A handy laptop that you can take anywhere or a more powerful PC that you can make as your station when you need to do your business at home. Choose something that you can utilize in the future, it's a hefty amount you are spending for it so make sure it will last for years.

Invest in Jewelry. Things that you can buy these days are gold and diamonds, or just any precious stones that have worth when you pawn it. Good people like Cebuana Lhullier even have been selling it. If it went through their strict appraisal process and saw it on sale, it would be nice to get them from an entity that has been doing it for 30 years. Best of all, they're accessible as they have over 2,500 branches nationwide! You can also check their services or what they sell online via or because they too want things to be convenient. 

I'm sure you do too.


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