Keep Yourselves Protected with Unilever Hygiene 101 Kit on Shopee

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Today, more than ever is a moment that we should reflect on things. Just recently, they announced 9,595 individuals have been declared COVID-19 positive. That's a scary number and it shouldn't be taken lightly. I've been an advocate of grooming, especially for men, of which some have clearly no idea what to do with products that are tailored fit for us. Aside from that, I'm sure everyone is in a hurry to make sure that their surroundings are clean, and I'm so glad companies like UNILEVER is making sure their products are now more accessible to consumers. 

This March 27-29, they are having a HYGIENE 101 sale on popular shopping app Shopee. Hygiene products from the official UNILEVER store will have up to 50% OFF regular price and several discount bundles will be done so you can get more for the price you pay for it. Aside from that, they will also give away free gifts and give away discount vouchers exclusive on this store (

Every lovers favorite toothpaste Closeup Cool Mint comes in a value twin pack taking 50% OFF on the second tube's price. I like this because it's sharp and minty, plus it makes teeth shiny. It's also anti cavity and anti bacterial, it would be good if you're breathing fresh too during these times when we're often masked up all day.  (

I've used the new Lifebuoy products recently, and I can't get it out of my head. The fragrance is just amazing, not to mention how it rids of bacteria. Washing hands, and the body, is essential especially in this weird year. So make sure you don't run out of soap during these days, I'd like to panic but since this is readily available on Shopee, I won't have to. You can see it here If you think the price is steep for the hand wash, don't even think so because a little of it goes a long way. I've had it in our home for several months now because I saw how cost effective each bottle is.

Cif on the other hand can take care of different surfaces. If you are cleaning your sofa, your bed, different kinds of material, Cif can take care of that. You can get it from here and it will be a cinch to clean those areas you don't know how to start with.

I always clean the bathroom and without these two, it would be so tough to do it. It doesn't make the floor sandy, nor does it leave chemical marks on the tiles. This makes it easy to clean up, I usually just initially clean with a scrub, then put these on the tiles and surfaces, then leave it for a few minutes. I wash it again and scrub some more, then it will make everything clean. I also make sure I wipe things dry because being wet is the best friend of germs, this helps me get rid of them. Go get them here and make sure you use voucher codes okay? Check here

Surf has always been my go to washing machine detergent and fabric conditioner. It's not expensive either and they have it in bigger packs. Plus it smells nice and minty even if I have to hang clothes in not so sunny parts of my garage. You can get the fabric conditioner here

If you've got a bit of stains in what you are cleaning, go for Breeze as it gets rid of that and bacteria too. I always want to have that bacteria removing feature because you can't really be too sure these days. People perspire a lot too because of summer so it would be really best for that.  You can get Breeze here

If you would like a discount on these items, use the code UNIHYGIENE101 so you can get a lot off for purchases more than Php 1,199 (minimum). Other than that, there's always free shipping and lots of discounts in app that you can use so you get delivery fees waived if you plan to make your hygiene measures a reality today. Download the Shopee app too because most discounts happen there. It's available on the App Store and Google Play, go get them tiger!


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