Jessica Villarubin Releases Debut Single AKO NAMAN

Monday, March 15, 2021


Just got off the press conference of THE CLASH Season 3 Champion Jessica Villarubin as she talks about her beginnings, her struggles, her story before she actually did it in this year's competition. She's very bubbly, very positive, but here she shares how she had to make ends meet and pay back her Mom and Dad's kindness as they had struggled a lot during her childhood.

Jessica says "Bullying has affected me in the past, it's like it wasn't enough to have talent, my physical appearance, yet they don't know me, who I am, it kinda got my confidence low. I'm happy and grateful that I got enhanced by Vicky Belo, before I was only watching her on TV, I shared my experiences and I'm very grateful how she helped me in my journey. Yesterday I performed in All Out Sundays and I'm happy how I was received, they were really happy for me. During the finals, I didn't expect to be the grand champion, I prayed about it and if it was meant for me, it was for me, but if not, I still trust the Lord. I'm grateful when they announced my name, I thought I was in a dream state, my Clash friends were also happy for me, also my family. When I was given the song by Mr Christian Bautista, it's a dream come true, I am personally thankful for the opportunity, to hear myself sing my own song, finally." 


She adds "When I won, I couldn't sleep, I carried my medal around because of taping specials, in the morning, I got so many congratulatory messages. I had my gown, I still couldn't believe it. In just a few months, I also had my own song so I just couldn't believe it. Ako Naman is all about traditional love, on getting a dream come true. I waited so long for it, and the message is just pefect timing. It tells about your time, like in my life, I left so many things before I got here. I went here for it, I really couldn't believe I won. Aside from my Clash family, I want to be with Alden, Aicelle, if I could perform with them, that would be a dream. Now, I am concentrating on singing, but I'm open to learn things if it is offered to me. Based on my experience, I faced so many failures and rejections, I had to many auditions that I didn't get accepted, I wanted it to be my time, this song is about that. About the right time, I had to wait for it, I am blessed. Winning the CLASH was my biggest achievement, I will forever cherish that. I am proud of myself, because of all the hardships in work and family, I thought I couldn't make it, but I did, and I have achieved my dream. It was all worth it."

Here is part of the interview we had with her this afternoon:

Ako Naman is now streaming on different digital platforms worldwide. Go check it out on Spotify or YouTube for the video as well. This is under GMA Music.




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