Blissful LG!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay! I have got to come clean. I was praising this phone of mine when I first bought it but these days, it has been causing so much problems that I could not work with it anymore. I literally will throw it away because it is not fitting my lifestyle, nor is it functionally capable of serving me anymore. The cover keeps falling off and it could not add any groups or contact details anymore. It has been fixed twice by phone technicians and geeks but I think it will once in a while suddenly bog down because of its lack of memory and incompetence. In one way or another, it has been a liability and a fabulously ugly fashion article. I am no expert but I guess you get to a point where you are too shy to even have it seen by other people. You really do not want to be humiliated and send it to the electronic junkyard!

Now that I said my piece, I think it looks like great news has come my way from the LG Bliss Facebook Fan Page. From September 11 to November 6 this year, the classy international company LG has just recently launched a contest for the utterly ugly. Users can now upload photos or videos of anything they consider ugly or want to lose. This is just an awesome opportunity to show our frustrations on things we do not need anymore and win at the same time! Imagine that!

Have a blissful life while telling through photos and videos of the things that you hate in these categories:

• Trashy Trends for the ugly fashion items
• Mutant machines for the outdated electronics that truly belong in the junkyard
• Ugly wonders of nature for the ugliest piece of nature you can find
• Ugly-mobiles for cars that are heading out to the ugliest part of town

Although violent, indecent, illegal activities and photos of other people are not allowed and tolerated on this contest... I am sure you can get an idea anywhere you look! I am so excited to get this ball rolling and leave them all behind!

To win this brand new BLISS LG phone, just make sure you have one entry per FACEBOOK account. There is also a chance to win the secondary prize of a $50 gift card so you can buy with your heart's content. These five grand prize winners and fifty secondary winners need to be 18 years or older to qualify. The feeling is just so blissful! So make sure you get that object you deem ugly at now! This may be your lucky ugly day!



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