The Good Interiors

Saturday, September 05, 2009

My brother just informed me that we would be renovating the house soon. We would be sharing the bill of course and the changes would be really major that it would not just be the walls to be torn down but the whole house. Yes, my brother is thinking of creating a 4 floor house from the current 2 that we have. This is not a joke!

I am probably going to spend more on interiors and will probably wipe out my savings. But I guess since this is my home I would probably be better off paying for it because of the fact that I live here. I probably would be here for the rest of my life.

Designing the interior should only get a few inside because we both adore the modern minimalistic look. With that in mind, we would need to get our old hand me downs and get better modern dining tables, chairs and cabinets too. I looked at some web sites but only a few came up with the best Italian designs. We used to have an all wood dining set but the season calls for modern metal dining furniture. I guess we are on a good start, but I have to make plans where to get the rest of the finances that is going to this huge project. We would need to also get a condominium and vacate the place we are in. Construction starts late this year so wish us luck!


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