Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It was a day of great photos, rain, great walk, then rain, then poses, then rain. It was rainy but I think it was okay and GREAT since it was for KALYE. Yeah! It was ATOM ARAULLO himself who went with us on a short photowalk. It's what we do on a normal Saturday but I guess that was just like 10% of a real photowalk since they were filming everything. It was great, it was exciting because after 20 years or less, I'm going to see myself on TV again hehehe.

Well it wasn't that... it was being with photographers who like street. Those who love Photo journalism. I am still finding my niche in this field but see where I already got myself into, shooting streets with Atom Araullo and KALYE. Thanks to my co D60KREW member Michael Olino who was a researcher for that show. I guess he pulled some strings and had us as a part of the story, it was good though.. I needed the media mileage LOL!

So those were the things that kept me busy these week, yeah I know my alexa rank dropped because of that and now I have to re populate my site again to make things better hehe. But it was well worth it, I love the show and I love how it turned out. For those of you who missed it CLICK HERE so you can visit Vangie's site, they recorded it while it was shown on TV. As for me? Here...


Hi MOM I'm on TV!!! hahahahahhaha!


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mom said...

congratulaions! awesome pics u have...