Friday, September 11, 2009

This is your lucky day! NETFIRMS has just announced they are giving away fabulous prizes for free just by ordering your own custom domain via twitter! It is so easy to join the Netfirms contest. Of course the mechanics are simple; you need to get as many entries as possible for the contest for more chances to win. If you want to get those new IPOD TOUCHES or MACBOOK, please do one of the following:

Just TWEET this out:

"Win a #free iPod Touch or MACBOOK from the @NETFIRMS #contest. Domain registration services via Twitter"


Register a domain name via the NETFIRMS Twitter Domain Registration service for $7.99.

If you get one RETWEET, you will get one more entry per day. One domain registered equals one entry too. Have you ever found anything easier than this?

Things are definitely harder to get these days and ordering domains through websites are a big burden because you need to fill up forms, spend a lot time navigating menus and directories that most non technical people do not understand. Now they have automated everything and given you the chance to win gadgets too. Imagine setting up numbers and assigning server names for each part of your web site from scratch, it is not easy to do for most people. Make sure you tell your friends so they can join in as well. Letting them into your circle would get you that IPOD or MACBOOK that you wished for. Not only that, they might share it with you too if your friends are the ones who win this event. I want that IPOD now so I am planning to get more entries myself. I hope my friends would be able to join too so I could get my hands on the MACBOOK that I need for my photography hobby. It will definitely benefit me in the long run and I would need to get more of my friends to join in. Maybe I need to ask the people they follow and add them too so I would have the best chance to win that lone MACBOOK. So if you are reading this and have not added me yet, you know the domain name obviously so make sure to add me now!

Here is how you can easily order a domain!

You send a Direct Message to NETFIRMS via Twitter asking us to register a domain name for you. If the domain name is available we will register it for you and automatically add it to your existing NETFIRMS Control Panel and bill to your current billing profile. The only prerequisite is that you add your TWITTER User Name to your NETFIRMS Control Panel. Please visit their tutorial with full details on how to set yourself up for domain registration via TWITTER. The instructions should be completed once only and you’re good to go after that.

1. Log in to your TWITTER account (You can use any of the available TWITTER apps).
2. Send a direct message to @NETFIRMS with the following: REG
3. They will confirm by replying to you via direct message at which point the domain will be added to your NETFIRMS Control Panel. Then the domain would now be ready to be use.



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