Party Fouls Will Be Told!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I have been to Vegas and the strip when I was around 21 together with friends. Like anyone in my age; it was awesome to party in a place like that. Even if you were in the middle of the desert, you would not even feel that it exists because you are already oblivious to the lights and great establishments that give every bit of pleasure that you need. I got into a lot of fights, seen lots of alcohol and drug abuse when it was my time. It was all bad party fouls! But now the stories will be told!

With the economy sporting a big loss these past few years, the actual hotels and entertainment venues have all gone ballistic in getting high rollers and customers to feed on what they offer. Hosting huge parties is included. The drama, the danger and everything in between has attracted people with money and I wish to see these same party fouls happen in this series. It is turning out to be a more interesting place when they try to buy their way to a successful life in Vegas. This is the sexiest city in the world and the best stories will now be told on TRUTV. This is the same place where I watched and got addicted BLACK GOLD red necks. Now the party life I once was once doing is going to be told in this series which premiered September 1st at 10p/9c. With the new episodes all shown on Tuesdays at the same time, same channel. I hope you get the chance to watch truTV's Rehab so you know how it feels to be in that situation. I ended up better unlike most of the people here that would be so exciting to watch indeed!




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