Sunday, September 27, 2009

Something is really bothering me in the office. I am stressed, I have lots of deadlines to meet and I have a lot of reports to make. I wonder where and when I am going to start. Aside from the obvious hustle and bustle I encounter in the office, this chair is really bugging me. You ask why? I would not be comfortable in something that does not support my back. If you move, the wheels do not even move on smooth carpet. I wonder where I could go to replace this; I better get administration to check on it soon. I need comfortable Office Chairs!


It feels like I was riding a horse for hours when this problem started. It hurts a lot that I only get to spend only a few hours then stand on command so I would not get bed sores all over my back. My office pillow did not prove to be useful in this ordeal. I wish to get those designer ones from SPACIFY. Those are definitely better!


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admin999 said...

first time i read your blog it was so funny to saw the cow
thanks for sharing
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