Happy Birthday Bhee and Pecto!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Photo by Panoramio
This was the same pool we swam on since yesterday and this morning =)

I just went to Antipolo yesterday and am recovering from mild migraine because I was drunk last night. My closest friends and I just celebrated two of our common friend's birthday. Ruby Esguerra and Josephine Recto just got a year older today, and this post is specifically for them. I think it would be nice to know that even how minuscule their contribution is with what we have since college... they are still important people obviously. We celebrated it in picturesque Boso Boso Highlands Resort. This location is not that new anymore since I think I have been there for like 4 times already. It was apparently their first time there and the place I think was cozy enough for us. It was not as posh as expected but the place was nice considering it's remoteness and being really really (did I say REALLY?) far from Metro Manila. An hour or two away but I think it was worth it because it was not that expensive... and we all went there for these two people who made some difference in our lives in one way or another.

Ruby Esguerra is already married so she just snook away from her husband and spent time with us which she never has done for like 2 years I guess?!!! Apart from being brutally beaten up every now and then, (I guess that is her hobby LOL) she still manages to go to work in San Miguel in a call center of some sort. It's quite good she ended up there than when I found her in the asphalt streets of QC... when she was getting dragged by her now husband Bong sumthin... they even shout Iglesia Ni Cristo things and matters they do are of evil beginnings. I really don't believe in what they have to say anymore LOL.

Josephine Recto aka Pecto has been a friend since first year college, I guess of all the friendly people we have in our circle, she's the one you would always treat as the "coolest" since she rarely does not get along with anybody of any race, any culture or any economic standing. She is a jack of all trades of sorts and takes care of us whenever we need a couple of rounds to drink. Yeah, she's tougher than your average MANANG when you need it most and NEVER leaves you behind on any given situation. She's one good person I know and there are only a few of them left. =)


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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Sarap naman ng outing ninyo...nakakarelax.. magswimming..nice photo ^_^