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Sunday, September 27, 2009


I have been posting away in this site for about three years and I have encountered a lot of problems accessing it from different parts of the world. I am usually the one who configures everything from the FTP site to the design, deciphering CSS AND HTML codes but I have a couple of times had problems with hosting my site. I wanted to find a reliable one because I get about a couple of thousand views each week. I would want to make their experience as good as mine.

Being the geek that I was, I looked for thousands of pages in the Internet to find that one special place most web masters recommend to host their site. As a budding publisher myself, I never really thought about prices because I depended on quality instead. If they can get to satisfy other web masters and owners, then I could probably be in their shoes too. I will probably choose one that exactly meets my demands as a regular writer. With that in mind, I know web hosting will be a cinch for them. They would also probably recommend something that would be cost efficient. We work hard for the money!

If I also plan to expand my on line businesses then I could always ask their experts about where to get a reliable ECOMMERCE Solution. That would really be a big help for me and beginners in this industry. I hope they never get to see the horror stories I had before when I was a newbie! Make the right choice!


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