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Thursday, September 03, 2009

My brother is in Ireland and he has been in and out of Dublin because of work. It is quite hard to be a celebrity chef in that area. He has to sometimes go to London or to the outskirts of Dublin for conferences, meetings and engagements but it was really hard for him to rely on his old SUV. We were initially not open to getting ordinary cars because we needed the extra legroom and storage space. But then petrol has been very expensive these days and that monster vehicle drank like a camel in the desert when filling up. I really worry because salary cuts were but a normal thing to hear in the United Kingdom and if that is the case, saving money is of up most importance.

Where do we start? He plans to sell his SUV and trade it for a hybrid car. This Toyota PRIUS has been the talk of the town because of its efficient energy saving features, the problem is; it's pretty hard to find. I asked him to check out local web sites but they only found incomplete and unreliable information. Good thing there is that he tried out and in a few minutes, he was able to get a good deal. He compared new cars, slightly used ones and leased ones and checked out a couple of them using the information indicated on the profile. The car was also sold at a fair price so he went ahead and purchased it the next day. Without batting an eyelash, he now has that car in his garage enjoying every energy efficient minute of it when it switches to the electric motor. It was so awesome I want one too! Can you buy me one? Ha-ha!


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