Online Petition: ERASERHEADS DVD!

Friday, September 04, 2009

I want to share to you guys an online petition and the reason why the DVD for the ERASERHEADS FINAL SET has not been released. Apparently it has something to do with SMART Communications inability to let go of the finances they want so eagerly from this. They want a share of the loot as so they may say and chances are they would not release it at all. Do they know how rampant the sales of the pirated version is? If you walk the streets of Quiapo you will definitely find on or more of these things and it is a best seller apart from the usual blockbuster movies that are recently released. They are continuing to lose money because the longer that they keep these to themselves, the more people are gonna buy the pirated copy. If it were up to me I would immediately issue the DVD together with other behind the scene shots and interviews so these pirates would all drag their feet and not sell those anymore.

It would be also nice if they get some shots of the first concert on it too and the whole news story about how the second one came about. I think I'm thinking aloud but it is right to do this. I would like you my readers to know that there is an online petition that you should share with your co eraserheads fans. It is available here. Click this.

To anyone at SMART management, please release the DVD or else I would be forced to buy the pirated one. I'm a die hard fan of ERASERHEADS so please heed my call!


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