Typhoon Ondoy Wrath

Sunday, September 27, 2009


It seems that everywhere I look now there is some kind of mishap with Typhoon Ondoy. This was reported 2 days ago as a slow and weak typhoon. Now see where that report got us? It seems that PAGASA has ever been so unreliable. Not only that, I'll let you see some pictures around my barangay later this week.

Just bear with me a little because we do not have electricity as of the moment. Yes you heard it. We do not have electricity because MERALCO turned it off by a request of a home owner... they said because there was flooding but THE HELL with them! They all have main switches in their houses why in the world should everybody else's electricity be turned off! Someone is definitely not thinking! Where are your brains if you need it MERALCO! Yes I am accusing you! I hate you! If there were only a competitor I could have gotten their services instead! You monopolized a utility but you never gave us fair rates and services! We are even one of the most expensive in rates in Asia only second to Japan. I hate Meralco...I hate Meralco... this will be my mantra for this evening... they never got me to sleep last night and I hate them a lot! (-_-)

I'll let you see the pics maybe tomorrow morning when I get back from work. I hope there is electricity already!


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