KUMAGCOW's Pre Nup Photography

Sunday, September 27, 2009

When I went out with my so called friends from the dark side of Photography the D60KREW last weekend, I had the chance to tackle another great thing which is PRE NUP photos. This is the time you capture sweet moments of a couple who will be getting married soon. I had the chance to shoot them because the photographer was so busy shooting them from another side of the lake/dam where we were. It was fun though because aside from the ducks there was another subject I would be able to shoot because most probably everyone else was concentrating on those birds LOL.

I wanted to shoot them quite unaware so I would be able to capture a natural moment instead of a staged one. I wonder if it worked because they were actually looking at me a couple of times. I guess they were aware that some photographers wanted them to pose too LOL. Their photographer had a CANON body and a longer gray lens. I had my handy dandy Trish aka Nikon D60 and Ziggy aka Sigma 70-300 APO DG MACRO =)

Aren't they sweet?! =)




Well whoever they are I wish them well! =)


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