The D60KREW PACO Photowalk

Saturday, September 05, 2009

It's high time once again and we are going to do another photo walk courtesy of my photographer buddies at D60KREW. Here is the route proposed:

I am not quite familiar with Plaza Dilao, nor know where that is but I think there would be some additional instructions how to get there. Wait, they just posted it now... it looks like we will meet in a more familiar location which is Pedro Gil LRT Station. Then ride a jeep from there and get dropped off some few kilometers from there. Apparently Plaza Dilao is just three short blocks away from the corner of Pedro Gil and Osmena. Now where is Osmena? LOL hahahaha

I think I know how to get there now... I'm gonna charge my batteries now so it could last the whole day. I'm sure with the caliber of the guys the actual 4GB memory card is not enough for this walk. I'm gonna bring Trish and her sisters (my D60 and her lenses) Kit and Ziggy. I now have names for my gadgets so we could be better acquainted. =) Kit is the mighty kit lens (18-55mm VR) and Ziggy is the new one 70-300mm APO DG MACRO with built in motor! I got her expensively but I really think it's worth it! =) Love em all!


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Joro Livelihood said...

Dropping by and to say hello. Sorry for not dropping EC. I lost energy with EC as I earned nothing. I'm busy in farmtown and I'm addicted to it.

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