KUMAGCOW FOOD REVIEWS: Italianni's : Lunch Out with My Boss

Thursday, September 03, 2009

It was the first time I met my Boss from the U.S. and the mood was nice. I had my team mates all in one place and this was the afternoon we were going to eat out for lunch. We chose Italianni's for obvious reasons that 1) It was near our office and 2) We wanted Italian food. So we went straight to the second floor of the new Eastwood Mall and ate a lot.


Did I say it was A LOT?! Heheh

Italianni's served free bruschetta in herb oil and balsamic vinegar for starters. I like that bread, it was crusty outside and soft on the inside. The herb oil was not that pungent as I would have liked it to be but the balsamic made the bite complete. They offer this for free in every meal so make sure the ones you order are in small portions because you will be very full at the end of the meal. That was not pleasant believe me but hey! The food was so great and I ended up finishing the whole plate. What did I eat you ask? Check this out and take a closer look!

I forgot what the name was but this was chicken over pasta that had olives and capers. This really hit the spot if you ask me. I am so inlove with capers now. =) not that I'm single! haha! My other team mates ordered mouth watering roasted fish that literally melts in your mouth.

I forgot the name of it too but if you saw the fish in their specials you better get this one that had a salad and dessert with it. They were not able to finish eating it because of the large portions and the wild mushroom pizza we had to munch through.

Vince and Jessie got the scrumptious lasagna... that was huge! It was nice to see though that my boss even helped Jessie out it on his plate haha!

It was all small chats with the boss, and a few things about what we will be doing in the future that he talked about. It was that, wine and a lot of funny stories in between. Not to mention good times inside the office and a tour around Eastwood. Thank you boss! I really had a good time with you and the team!



veronica said...

great!!! i love italian foods :)

peenkfrik said...

Now I know there are at least two of us... :)

Good food always means good times.