Saturday, September 05, 2009

I know how hard it is to get sick these days. The good thing to do is prevention rather than cure. The cost of medicine and western practices has been expensive. Good thing even medical doctors are in approval of eastern alternative ones and the choices are huge.

Have you heard of Jiaogulan TCM? It has been widely used in China since 1848 and it has been a potent source of non toxic anti oxidants that promote younger looking skin. It is said to increase longevity and has been promoted by strong aged men in China, Korea and Japan where this is naturally found. It can also be grown through farming just as long as you have ample amount of sunlight and great climate. This was also prepared as tea in most cases and revered as an immortality herb. It seems people who intake this regularly have achieved living until a very old age. This is very good for those who experience fatigue, anxiety, stress and trauma. I would really recommend to take this Jiaogulan Herb everyday so we all could prevent getting sick. I would not like to see anyone in the hospital because they did not take care of themselves!


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