7107 International Music Festival Live Blog!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hi sports fans! We're live blogging from the 7107 grounds and yes, it's looking so good from where I am. We listened in to Mike Pio Roda this morning and he's quite happy with the turnout. Around 70-80 percent sold, plus more if you count in today and tomorrow's sales. He's also ecstatic that handful of people are coming in and helping too; some who also arrived from nearby countries in the Asia Pacific region. He knows everyone's excited to watch Kaskade tonight and adds that it's pretty hard to benchmark their success this early because it is afterall their first year. To answer some of the funding controversies some online sites made days before, it's simple... bank loans made some of the funds for this festival, and that's private. 

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour was a treat to watch. We had our eyes glued to their vocalist Mette Lindberg. She was awesome. The melodic funky tunes they dished out really made us dance quite a bit. We didn't mind if there were other people because they were apparently dancing too. They were that good. 

Over at the media tent we had popular hiphop artist Kid Ink. This is also Kid Ink's first time in the Philippines and they're excited to see what kind of crowd they'll be having. Fans should expect a lot of interaction and energy. They want the new situation (being in this festival) because they're used to performing in clubs and solo shows. Working with other bands is likely not a usual thing for them, so they want to experience how it is to be here and do just that. 

Brit band NATIVES arrived a bit earlier, they've already started looking around and planning to stick around in the festival grounds today. The band just came in from a short trip to Boracay and was quite surprised that the culture and people were just amazing. Andy, Ashley, Greg, Jack and Jim all had Tapa for breakfast, experienced Jollibee's CHAMP which was tasty. They'll return the favor and play for the crowd today, that's a promise!

Will try and see if we can blog a little later when we get to meet the other artists performing at the 7107 International Music Festival.

Ciao! :) 

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