Colored Right and Pampered at Belleza Y Estilo Salon

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

It's been a while since I visited my hair stylist extraordinaire Cher Nogara. She's with a new salon now called Belleza Y Estilo Salon in Holy Spirit Drive Don Antonio Heights in Quezon City. I've been wanting to have a platinum blonde shade on my hair and it's a process of bleaching that you have to go through before that.

 Yes, I went blonde a few weeks and had to retouch a bit before this visit. Had to have a few days of people staring at me, but as they say in France - you've got to go a mile before you get to your destination. It was fine because I'm used to it.

The bleaching process too is a little painful because it naturally is hard to get black off our natural hair. It's not for everybody, you had to have high pain tolerance- I must say that if you want to try this out. But if you're not that adventurous and would just like normal color and highlights for your hair, it's damn easy for these people who has done hair of celebrities. That's a good conversation starter, you should ask them who frequents their salon and you'll be surprised! Even WLS FM DJ's go there on a whim!


Plus the place is clean as a whisk. They're on soft opening now, but you won't have to worry about their services since they are pros. They are really a nice bunch of ladies in the salon and you won't be intimidated at all. Coffee's on them too. Oh before I forget, they use organic treatments from international brand Davines. You should check that out to know a little something about this brand, then experience it in the salon.

The moment I went back to see Cher, she already knew what I had in mind and started the last phase of doing my hair. So after a few hours, a rinse and blow drying...

Then here it is, wish granted! The perfect hair Platinum Blonde color that I was trying to achieve. I don't like boring hair as you can see. I don't even like anything like those you usually see magazines worn by stars. I like my "do" now and I'm wearing it gladly on events. :)

Aside from that, the new Belleza Y Estilo Salon has nail spa services so I wen't ahead and tried getting a pedicure plus foot scrub to take care of my tired feet (I've been walking miles in Ilocos and just got home). What's great is that I even got a foot massage along with that. The lady who also rinsed my hair after the color treatments even gave me a scalp massage. I almost slept on the chair hahaha! 

With what it's worth, get your face painted, get your hair did, your hands and feet pampered with some of the best ladies in the industry. Please visit them on the Second Floor, above Dog City at Holy Spirit Drive, Don Antonio Heights 2 in Quezon City. If you are coming from Quezon City Circle went right on Commonwealth Avenue, take the U-turn slot after Ever Gotesco and turn right on Holy Spirit Drive. If you see their sign or Dog City, that's it. You can't miss it on the right side.

I surely had my hair color fix, my nails done and boy I'm glad I did. You should do yourself a favor and get yours done now. You work for money, now is the time to spend it and take care of yourself okay? :)


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