Infrastructure Matters: IBM's System X

Saturday, February 08, 2014

IBM announced today the 6th generation of its enterprise level X-Architecture for System X and PureSystems servers. This sparks a seamless addition to new and improved x86 based systems that would be great for analytics, cloud and large data.

IBM believes that change is inevitable. With a new era of business opportunities and very dynamic data size and sources, it is time to prepare to make use of better structures and framework. Analytics and big data handling is essential to remain competitive. Systems has to have no downtime, faster access and bigger data transfers and having servers that can predict any errors even before it happens without compromising other data uptime. Features like these make the IBM solutions for shared and secured access on a league of its own.

The beauty of it is that every two years they will announce new ones but this will still work. The same concept they are bringing to new ones because you don't need upgrades that much as it won't be cost efficient. This systems are designed for business critical enterprise so that even when you scale up, you won't get compromised and give you about 43% solutions cost. You can host multiple generations of technology in one server so maintenance is extremely easy. IBM's X6 is the fastest, mission critical application deployment in x86 based systems and no hardware vendor can match it. They are the first to do this.

X5 will retire this December. They also said that the Lenovo acquisition will not affect anything but the team that developed this and support for it will be transferred to Lenovo. We'll have to wait for the official announcement on this. With more performance and lower cost plus 4x more memory and higher system availability I couldn't think of any brand yet that could match X6. Will big enterprise use be of a reality soon? We'll have to find out if it applies to the Philippine market so we in turn can reap its benefits.

Note: One of the the local distributors is MSI, and they've assured all else will be okay once the transition starts in transferring x86 to Lenovo.That is reassuring.


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